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Re: AM: Marketing Musings

To:     Jpierobon <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Marketing Musings
From:     James Harmon <>
Date:     Fri, 06 Mar 1998 10:59:21 -0500
Organization:     The Telephone Connection
References:     <>

Jpierobon wrote:
> Reply-To:
> To AMers who are experienced or aspiring worthsmiths--
> The growing critical mass of technology companies throughout the 
> greater Washington area deserves a moniker that can help crystallize 
> the excitement and give the region it's own cultural identity as a 
> hotbed of enterprising innovativness and creativity.  Ergo, I'm 
> calling on all who are reading this to send your nominations (per 
> Mitch's instructions) to me, Jim Pierobon, at
> A few observations and some background:  1) Let's try not to use 
> anything with "Silicon" in it.  That would automatically label us a 
> takeoff of the Valley. 2) Be aware that leaders at The Greater 
> Washington Board of Trade and the Greater Washington Initiative think 
> any such moniker could undermine the variety of technology pursuits 
> sprouting throughout the area.  At one point, they were considering 
> "Net Plex" but abandoned  it. 3)  FYI, look at how LA is trying 
> "Digital Coast" and how SF is expermenting with "Multimedia Gulch."  
> 4) Perhaps "Potomac Knowledgeway" could work.  But I think we'd all 
> rather not use what deserves to stand out on its own.  If its presumed 
> owners at the Morino Institute would be willing, then perhaps that's 
> an option down the road.
> In the mean time, let's draw on our collective cyber instincts and see 
> what we can come up with.  Onward!

Let's capitolize on the demise of the Cold War:

	Technology @ Ground Zero

What's more indicitive of the area than it's geo-political root?
   Jim Harmon                           The Telephone Connection                          Rockville, Maryland

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