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AM: *Marketing Musings*

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Subject:     AM: *Marketing Musings*
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Fri, 13 Mar 1998 08:45:35 -0500
Organization:     Morino Institute
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                                        Marketing Musings
                                             March 13, 1998

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                                                                Mitch Arnowitz

In This Issue

- Quote of the Week
- Whats Happening In
- News, Articles
- Links, Resources
- Lists
- Factoids
- Sitings
- Meetings
- Subscription Info.

Quote of the Week

"What the Internet does is empower the customer, not the advertiser.
All other forms of media empower the advertiser"- Lester Wunderman;
the father of direct mail marketing

Whats happening in Ad-market?

Ad-market has been quiet lately. That will change shortly. Recently,
John Redmond of The Informatics Institute provided a summary for
Marketing Challenge #3. Jeff MacConnell started an interesting
discussion on 'other advertising income models.'

And the post of the week goes to the following individual who couldn't
understand why his/her posts weren't getting through to AM...
(I was given permission to pass this along)


>Boy, do I feel stupid!!  I don't know how, but I think either dropped
>off the A/M list, or somehow was detoured!!  I have been receiving
>posts from ""
>and have been under the impression that it was part of the group I
>respectfully think of as "Mario's Marauders" (it's late: that just came
>to mind)!

>Now, I want to finally jump into the fray of discussion .... and I've
>been listening at the wrong keyhole!!  (Why does this feel like
>something "Krameresque"?)

News & Articles

The state of online city guides is detailed in the March issue
of ZDNet Yahoo! Internet Life:

This article calls The Washington Post/CitySearch venture
the "best single local guide in the country." I was impressed
until the imbedded link in the article didn't click through.

CitySearch and The Baltimore Sun have just announced a
partnership. The deal looks similar to the CitySearch/The
Washington Post deal although I'm not sure how ownership
breaks out.
talking about convergence... music retailer N2K Inc. and the
Library of Congress recently announced a partnership to bring
the Music Division's extensive archive of recordings and continuing
concert programming to the Internet. N2K will host a series of online
cybercasts of live concerts from the Library on N2K's Classical
Insites Web site
Local Netpreneur, The Electronic Newsstand has partnered with in a
deal that allows both organizations to sell to each others customers. The
Electronic Newsstand, and its recent Lycos deal, are also featured in
the current news area of Red Herring:
Curious about what happened to Erol's Internet execs after the RCN
buyout? Read about it at:
DM News is exploring Planet Direct's current plan for success.
As you know, Planet Direct is the CMG Information Services Inc. backed content venture (and ad supported) that
offers a local gateway to ISP customers. Planet Direct's largest ISP
customer, Erol's Internet is referenced here.

The article:
Local agency Magnet Interactive is
opening a Los Angeles office in April. Magnet is also responsible
for the recent redesign of Kellogg Co.'s web-site
Advertising firm Ammirati Puris Lintas is said to have won the contract to
market the new e-mail service from United Parcel Service. The new UPS
service will let users scan and deliver documents over the Web.
Want an almost live newsfeed from this week's Spring Internet World '98?:
Qwest Communications International has agreed to acquire Virginia based
LCI International in a US$4.4 billion stock swap that will create the fourth
largest US long-distance  phone company.
ChannelSeven has made a decision on the '97 Final NetTech Winner. Want
to know who it is? Check it out, at:

While you're here, also check out the entire list of NetTech award
CYBERsitter , a new Internet
plug-in filtering product from Solid Oak Software Inc., is offering
customers the ability to block Web site advertising. Will it make a
difference? I'm not sure. Anyway, read more about it at:
The powers to be have pulled the plug on the NCN NewsWorks
site ( The Washington Post
was a partner in this venture. For more info.:

(if this URL breaks, the story is in Yahoo's news area. Look under
technology heading for March 11)
Lee Traupel has penned an excellent article for the Silicon
Valley Association of Software Entrepreneurs. The article; "Webified
Marketing" is the third installment in a series on Web Centric Commerce
Models. There are lots of relevant, useful links here. Check out the
Time Inc. New Media and its online agency, Darwin Digital have created the idea for 'NOW', or News
on the Web. NOW provides the ability to instantly change the headlines
and text of banner ads.

Read more about it:
'The Web will change dramatically from a marketing tool to a booming business
environment, and those technically involved in this development will benefit greatly
over the coming months...' So begins a recent article on NUA Internet Surveys
(I think this article is actually from Interactive Week but is being brought to you
by NUA). The article also references Zona Research's recent B-B commerce report The article:
Want to know whats going on with Savage, MD based Ciena's stock? CEO
Patrick Nettles recently sat with Upside for a short
interview. The article:

Links, Resources

Several in the group have asked about Search Engine
Registration information. The Netpreneur Exchange's FAQtory
area is a good resource and has information on this topic:

After drilling through information & resources, contribute
some of *your* knowledge to the FAQtory.
Are you wondering what percentage of your product sale is tied to
advertising? Beyond Interactive, an interactive
agency, has an easy to use online media planners calculator. The calculator
is *free* and archived on
ZDNet has a new resource for small business professionals and
entrepreneurs; the ZDNet Small Business Advisor:

did you know... that Internet service providers (ISPs) face a monthly
churn rate nearly five times that of other competitive telecommunications
service providers- this according to a recent study by WDC based consultant
company The Strategis Group


The following comes from a recent issue of T h e   I n t e r n e t   T o u r
B u s list and is a great example of gorilla marketing by a local Netpreneur. is a product of Vienna based Smip Interactive, Inc.


Two weeks ago, we pulled our little bus of Internet happiness into a
couple of the neatest online comic strip archives.  Since that post
was so successful, I decided to write another TOURBUS post about some
of the other online comic strip archives I have recently found.

Our first stop is at the Creator's Syndicate's new Web site at

Much like United Media (, Creator's
Syndicate distributes several of the comic strips that appear in your
local newspaper.  In fact, Creator's Syndicate distributes fourteen
comic strips including favorites such as B.C. [my second favorite
comic strip!], The Wizard of Id, Momma and more.  You can find a
complete list of the Creator's Syndicate's online comic strips by
clicking on the "comics" icon on the Syndicate's main homepage, or by
pointing your Web browser to

Creator's Syndicate's Web site also includes an archive of editorial
cartoons by Chip Bok (of the Akron Beacon Journal), Bob Gorrell (of
the Richmond Times-Dispatch), and 1995 Pulitzer Prize winner Mike
Luckovich (of the Atlanta Constitution).  You can see these by
clicking on the "editorial cartoons" icon or pointing your Web browser

This Web site also includes an archive of columns by Ann Landers, as
well as opinion columns by Mark Shields, Susan Estrich, Robert Novak,
and Tony Snow (although, as I write this, those opinion columns seem
to be temporarily offline).


the following story comes from:

I C O N O C A S T  b y  M i c h a e l  T c h o n g
       -- more concentrated than the leading brand --

See subscribe instructions at the end of this post.

* ed. note- The top 10 local markets from this "Net
Development Index," are listed below. WDC is #2 on this
list! If you want the additional 40 markets listed in this study,
please send in a S.A.S.E., along with...just kidding- drop me
a note & I'll send you the rest of the list.


If there's one query that we have to deflect constantly, it
is the one dealing with local Internet markets. Well fret no
more, because here, at long last, is an elaborate answer.

Holly Williams from International Demographics was kind
enough to send ICONOCAST its latest Media Audit, which now
surveys 84 U.S. cities by randomly dialing 800-2,000 house-
holds in each metro area. Based on a cumulative population
of 34.8 million users, it's now possible to create a "Net
development index," a permutation of that good old standby,
the BDI (brand development index).

The table below ranks the top 50 markets by NDI. This index
makes it easier to see that the top market, Madison, has 61
percent more Net users than the national average, which is
100 [note that Omaha is average]. The reason why small
towns index so well is due to their proximity to major
educational institutions.

Rnk Metro Market Area            Total     Online   %  Index
 1. Madison                    309,000    150,000  49%  161
 2. Washington, DC           3,219,000  1,452,000  45%  150
 3. Austin, TX                 763,000    331,000  43%  144
 4. Columbia-Jefferson City    149,000     64,000  43%  143
 5. San Jose                 1,219,000    500,000  41%  136
 6. Boston                   2,997,000  1,202,000  40%  133
 7. San Francisco            4,983,000  1,885,000  38%  126
 8. Dallas/Ft. Worth         3,245,000  1,201,000  37%  123
 9. Raleigh/Durham             794,000    288,000  36%  120
10. Denver                   1,587,000    574,000  36%  120

  - Subscriptions are free. ICONOCAST is ad-supported.
  - To subscribe, send a message to
    with the following command in your message BODY:
                subscribe iconocast

The following regional listings come from 'Americas Most Wired
Cities & Towns'; a special section of ZDNet Yahoo! Internet Life

Kensington, MD

The National Institutes of Health keeps Kensington's
online infrastructure healthy, giving the tiny
Maryland community one of the densest wired
ratings in the entire nation-it has more than seven
times as many computers as residents.

Blacksburg, VA

Fairfax, Virginia, the home of UUNet, has the
highest networked-computer-to-citizen ratio of any
town in the country. But it can't compete with the
Blacksburg Electronic Village, long recognized as
the nation's premier experiment in community


Check out the Eddie Bauer commerce-enabled interactive ad banner, created
by Narrative Communications Corp., and see how technology and marketing are
coming together. Narrative crested the Enliven cross-platform interactive ad
banner technology that downloads the Enliven Client as a Java applet
automatically the first time you play an ad. After that, you reuse the client every
time you play Enliven (no future downloads necessary).

Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition is used here. Site Server allows
customers to securely enter their credit card numbers and purchase men's pants
without leaving the ad banner. The banner:

While you're here, check out this company's customer list:

I found the following blurb in this company's job area: "Narrative offers
attractive and comprehensive health, life and retirement benefits,  is a
leader among emerging growth companies in addressing work-life balance
issues, and is an innovator in professional development."


A complete listing of regional events can be found at:

American Marketing Assn. Winter Speakers Series-

On March 24 AMA-DC welcomes Raul Fernandez, the founder of Proxicom,
a leading Internet consulting, development and integration provider. Mr.
Fernandez has helped his company pioneer the Internet
services marketplace from the creation of the first transaction mall to the first
Internet-based EDI solution.

Proxicom has earned notoriety for its efforts creating Internet
solutions for industry leaders including GE, MCI, AOOL, Mobil, Merrill Lynch,
Hewlett Packard, Owens Corning and more.

event url-
cost- Members: $30; NonMembers: $50; Students: $20
Location: Gannett Building, The Studio 1100 Wilson Boulevard Rosslyn, VA
time- 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
date- March 24

Subscription Info.

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forwarding the newsletter, thanks. Please forward the newsletter
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Marketing Musings is Copyright  1996-2003 Morino Institute, all rights
reserved. The information contained in this newsletter has been
obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but is not necessarily
complete and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It is provided "as is"
and your use is at your own risk

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