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AM: A unique opportunity

To:     "''" <>
Subject:     AM: A unique opportunity
From:     Neil Oatley <>
Date:     Mon, 16 Mar 1998 15:55:24 -0500
Organization:     Morino Institute
Reply-To:     "" <>

Here's a unique opportunity for a select group to become part of an 
exciting project. Your participation is invited.

Our friends at Public Broadcasting's PBS: The Business Channel are filming 
an interective learning session entitled "Leading Change and Innovation" 
with management guru Oren Harari as part of it's Learning Curve series. 
Harari is the author of the book "Leapfrogging The Competition." The 
session will be videotaped at the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia and PBS is 
looking for some 50-60 savvy audience members (like yourselves) to attend 
the taping on March 24 from 1-3 PM.  They contacted us at the Netpreneur 
Program because they are looking for people who will be able to ask 
meaningful questions that are truly pertinent to building a business in 
this new world. Harari will be discussing successful organizational and 
management strategies for how to stay ahead of the competition, including 
five company case studies. The session will become a course that PBS 
markets to businesses and others. Attendance is free, but you must contact 
PBS to participate.

If you would like to attend, contact Jonah Goldberg or Meg Bratton of PBS 
at or 202-862-4876. Jonah tells me he's having a 
(hopefully short-lived) email problems, so if you have any troubles 
reaching he or Meg, contact me via email and I will forward your interest 
on. Please be sure to include your phone number and email address.

This looks like a great learning opportunity. We invite you to take 
advantage of it.

Here's some background.

About the PBS March 24 session, "Leading Change and Innovation"

 "Change can be a positive force in organizations; an opportunity for 
 growth, and heightened productivity. Learn how to confront change head on, 
how to
 take charge and manage it so that it works to your benefit and gain. 
Explore how to
 build work environments that foster creativity and bypass the roadblocks 
of stale
 status quo thinking."

"Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, FedEx,
CNN, Starbucks. Every now and then a company bursts ahead of
the competition, invents a new industry from scratch, and ignites
a revolution in which they will earn billions. What's their secret?
How do they do it? Oren Harari, author of the bestseller
Leapfrogging the Competition, has pinpointed the common
dynamics that set these legendary companies on fire. He's bottled
the magic and will show your managers the five giant steps they
can take to out-maneuver, out-innovate, and out-profit the

About PBS: The Business Channel:

About Oren Harari:

"Harari is professor of management at the University of San Francisco and 
author of "Leapfrogging The Competition" and co-author of "Jumping The 
Curve: Innovation And Strategic Choice In An Age Of Transition."He is a 
monthly columnist for Management Review and the first designated 'mnagement 
expert' on Time Magazine's interactive Time Vista Web site. From 1984-1996 
he served as a senior consultant with the Tom Peters Group and was one of 
its most requested speakers."

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