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AM: Email list, cont'd: 2 lists or not 2 lists?

Subject:     AM: Email list, cont'd: 2 lists or not 2 lists?
From:     Brian Alpert <>
Date:     Tue, 24 Mar 1998 16:51:28 -0500

All --

I appreciate Rosalind's comments (and all the responses I've gotten so
far of
course). I know that on the surface the two list option seems like the
(it has been suggested by others as well). I don't however believe it is
right approach for Telogy's, or our user's needs. I think combining the
is the answer, with summaries. I believe this is the best for the users,
just for me or my company.

Here's why:

This decision is in part based on new information, not in my original
note. The
audiences aren't actually as mutually exclusive as I thought, a fact
that has
come to my attention in discussing the issue with some of our people.
management audience is peripherally inovlved in technical spec, and the
engineers are (more than I would have thought) interested in how their
technical world applies to higher-level corporate application. According
to my
sources (who are in product mgt., but who have engineering background)
welcome, to a limited extent (an important coloring, esp. as I'm
information regarding how their 'stuff' becomes part of the

In addition, combining both types of info be will save the engineers
effort in having to explain from scratch how the technical information
to their products, which is part of their process as recommenders to

Also important to note that the newsletters won't be voluminous
They'll be "one-pagers" (whatever that means in this context!), with
included whenever possible, so we won't be presenting an overwhelming

Another real world consideration that is about to come into play is that
I have a lot of info as to who-is-who right now, we're going to add a
simplified 'subscribe to our list' feature on the homepage. This should
our readership, but I won't have the kind of detail as I have for the
who have joined the list by filling out a lengthier email form.  Those
will still be available, so we'll continue to get some complete info,
but this
too is an impt. consideration.


Mitch Arnowitz wrote:

> Brian, et al-
> Enclosed is Rolalind Resnick's response to our current (email)
> list discussion. Rosalind runs the well known opt-in email list
> company; NetCreations Rosalind
> is an expert in list marketing.
> It looks like Rosalind is in favor of Brian offering 2 lists, 1 for
> managers and 1 for engineers. Read the enclosed conversation
> from the bottom up, Rosalind's comment is interesting.
> Are Brian's problems solved? Comments? Thoughts?
> ______________________________
> Mitch Arnowitz
> Rosalind replied:
> > As I said, I think the answer is to give the visitors to his site
> > opportunity to choose which list they'd prefer to join. After all,
> > it's the consumer who rules on the Net, not the marketer or content
> > producer.
> > Rosalind

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