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AM: EMD Weighs In on Telogy's 'engineers & managers' post

To:     "'marketing/advertising discussion group'" <>
Subject:     AM: EMD Weighs In on Telogy's 'engineers & managers' post
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:31:09 -0500
Organization:     Morino Institute
Reply-To:     "" <>


The E-Marketing Digest (EMD for short) has a relatively low
but targeted subscriber base. The EMD list is for small businesses
that use email to market products or services. EMD gets 
technical at times, join instructions are at the end of this note. 
EMD is an open & moderated list, distributed in digest format. 

I posted Brian's original 'engineers & managers' note to this list. 
Enclosed please a section from the latest EMD digest. This digest 
includes an opinion on Brian's post. The list moderator has also 
added his comment here..

Brian's original post:

Mitch Arnowitz


The E-Marketing Digest
 Volume #2,Issue #153
 March 27, 1998
 Gary K. Foote, Moderator

 The E-Marketing Digest is published by Webbers Communications
 N. Conway, NH 03860   (603)447-1024

 The latest issue of The EMD is always available by autoresponder
  Table of Contents

 + E-mail Corner

    "Email list content dilemma"
       - Shannon Kinnard
       - Moderator's Comments

 E-mail Corner

From: "Shannon Kinnard" <>
Subject: Re: Email list content dilemma

I come from a marketing background and you've done a great job of
taking the first two steps in a new marketing program: you've
established your goals and you've defined your audience. 

> The list's goals are:
> - to help establish Telogy as a leader
> - increased visibility of the company/product name
> - promote useful feedback from participants
> - get leads/promote sales
> My quandary: I want to keep the engineers interested, but
> also want to attract the managers. If it is all
> marketing/business
> the engineers will leave in a swarm. If it is all-tech,
> the managers won't care.

The next step I would recommend is the specific tactics you will
take to establish your goals per your target market.

I think that offering up a mixture of content via regular
departments or columns could work for you. For example, you may
have these departments: 

"What's News at Telogy" - new hires & their qualifications, new
clients, new products, new policies; this interests both

"Success Stories" - talk to both managers and engineers about
client success stories...quote them in the report. That should
encourage participation. It also shows prospects how others use
your product, encouraging them to become clients.

"Product Tips" - find subscribers who are engineers AND can
translate technical stuff into plain english (they're out there,
I promise), and get them to author this for you. They write it
for the managers, and it is of intest to both groups. This could
also end with a question and answer section.

Throw in a strictly for managers section and a strictly for
engineers section, and I think you'll have a well-rounded-enough
publication to satisfy both markets.

Good luck! Hope this helps.


     Shannon Kinnard ~
      The Idea Station ~
     = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
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[Moderator's Comments]

Hi Shannon,

Good suggestions.  I have evolved a similar arrangement here in
the EMD.  there is a large contingent of readers who are involved
in e-mail marketing, while others do no e-mail, but instead
depend on their website to do the job.  Some want discussions on
ethics and methodologies while others want to know how to get the
most from a software package that has been recommended here or
where to find a script to automate some marketing function.  

The first rule of thumb in developing and evolving a list's
content is, 'Give the audience what they want or expect them to
stay away in droves".



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