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AM: Netpreneur email list 'quandary' conclusion(s)

Subject:     AM: Netpreneur email list 'quandary' conclusion(s)
From:     Brian Alpert <>
Date:     Wed, 08 Apr 1998 18:32:20 -0400

All --

I wanted to get back to everyone who helped me work on a strategy for my
company's email broadcast newsletter. If you remember, the problem was
how to send information to an audience that consists of engineers and
product mgt.

Critical factors:
* We are interested in boosting participation by product mgt. w/o
sending away the engineers.
* As different as both groups' core interests are, there is overlapping
mutual interest.
* The sales decision process is within both camps, the technologists
recommend to product managers, who ultimately decide.

I got quite a few lengthy and informed responses. The response is REALLY
appreciated and only serves to underscore the value these forums
provide. The excellent feedback and differing recommendations caused me
to think of an approach I doubt would have come otherwise, and when I
presented it to the group, others took it, amplified it and made it more

Since there were so many detailed responses, this message only discusses
my conclusions. Mitch has graciously agreed to post a compiled version
of everyone's responses on the Netpreneur website; I know he will send
the URL to this list.

Given the intertwined relationship between  engineers and product
management, and the fact that info for one  pertains to the designs and
decisions of the other, I need to stick with one list, and will accept
the challenge of making the content relevant and transferable between

I think this can be done, by combining topic summaries, 'translations'
for management whenever possible, business rationale for engineering
whenever possible, "departments" - topic categories - whenever possible,
and informative subject headings. If you go to Mitch's URL to see the
responses, you will see these ideas mentioned in one place or another.

I think John Rodrigues from the I-Sales Digest laid a good foundation
when he wrote:

"My companies were successful when we could get the engineers excited
about the technology and then walk them through an ROI for their
Management really wants to hear their own engineers explain the ROI, for

reasons of credibility and buy-in.  I believe that this approach
would be better accomplished with a single email list that walks
both groups through the feature/benefit analysis together.  This
way, there is less chance of a disconnect between the two groups
during the sales process."

Once again, THANKS to Mitch and all who participated, on behalf of
Telogy Networks and myself --

--Brian Alpert
Manager Internet Marketing
Telogy Networks, Inc.

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