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Re: AM: marketing online to teens

Subject:     Re: AM: marketing online to teens
From:     Neil Harris <>
Date:     Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:09:06 -0400
Organization:     Simutronics Corp.
References:     <>

Hi Laura,

Our games are not specifically targeted to kids, but they are a significant
part of our audience.  Here's our feedback on your issues:

Legally, we want the card holder to sign up for the account.  We want them
to make all the changes to the account, adding or deleting any services.  As
a practical matter, it's likely that the kid is (a) more experienced at
using the Internet and (b) the one using the service day to day.  If a
parent complains to us of unauthorized charges to the account, we will bite
the bullet and do what they want, even if it means crediting them back for
services delivered.  In essence, if there's a dispute where the parent says
that the kid was not authorized to use the card, you are going to lose.

The really big challenge, of course, is that kids don't have credit cards.
So, once you've convinced the kid to come and buy, the kid then has to sell
the parent.  If we could sell for cash, the chances are that the kid can
afford to play on his/her own -- but because of the credit card issue, the
parent has to be in the loop, also.  We're addressing this in our sales
materials by stressing the cooperative nature of our games and the fact that
they are supervised around the clock.


lauraww wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm working with a Web site targeted at teenage girls that may want to
> set up storefronts on the site.  I have two questions:
> 1) have any of you had any experience marketing to this age group?
> 2) what are the legal considerations to marketing to this age group?  In
> particular, if you want to process credit card transactions, what are
> the ramifications if the person using the charge card is under 18?  Who
> is liable, the minor or her parent?  What are the other considerations
> in dealing in credit card transactions with this age group?
> I'd appreciate any information or referrals to sources of information on
> the above.
> Thanks!
> Laura Weiss

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