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Re: AM: I thought AM was a forum for discussing ideas.

To:     Ken Peters <>
Subject:     Re: AM: I thought AM was a forum for discussing ideas.
From:     Jim Harmon <>
Date:     Tue, 21 Apr 1998 14:24:30 -0400
Organization:     The Telephone Connection
References:     <>

Ken Peters wrote:
> I have been monitoring this group for some time. This is forwarded SPAM,
> is it not?

If you're asking if this is a SPAM that was forwarded to the open list,

If you're asking if *I'm* trying to support this abuse, No.

My purpose in posting this is to determine if anyone else who posts to
AM got hit with that "offlist" SPAM, and expose to the readership a
growing subset of SPAM Abuse on the net.

Ultimately because as much as I despise SPAM, I hate SPAM sent to me
offlist just because I'm a member of *A* list even more.

I subscribe to numerous distribution lists, and most SPAMMERS are just
ignorant of long-standing nettiquette regarding the appropriate use of
information captured on the net.

Most of them are aware that it's annoying to SPAM a list directly, or if
they aren't they will learn quickly the first time they do.

But this particular form of abuse, collecting names of people who post
to a PRIVATE (this list requires a subscription) list and sending them
direct SPAM is akin to stealing your neighbor's personal phone

It's purely unethical, and it's insinuation that the information was
requested is a clear lie.

How would you feel if a salesman walked into your office and photocopied
a list of all your customers and contacts?  THEN started calling them
from his cellphone, saying YOU referred him?

This is exactly the way the SPAM I posted is presented.

Does anyone have any alternative interpretations?
   Jim Harmon                           The Telephone Connection                          Rockville, Maryland

Re: AM: I thought AM was a forum for discussing ideas., Brian Alpert

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