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AM: Advertising sales channels, broadly defined

Subject:     AM: Advertising sales channels, broadly defined
From:     "Francis V. Costello" <>
Date:     Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:35:45 -0400

Mitch and I were discussing ad sales efforts this morning at Coffee and
Doughnets, and the topics we were covering sounded like they would make an
interesting thread here - so I will kick it off.

In general it would be great to start a conversation on the options for
generating value from consumer (or other) pageview inventory on sites,
particularly in the middle market, say 500,000 to a couple of million
pageviews a month.  We are currently looking at rep firm and ad network
options for our main ratecard inventory, as well as some other interesting
sounding ideas like Narrowline NMX's media listing marketplace.

I personally would like to hear from other participants on the list who
have used ad banner networks (linkshare, etc.), ad sales networks (24/7,
DoubleClick), ad rep firms, affiliate-type deals/promotions, in-house sales
and whatever else on what was found effecting for different types of sites
and situations.

My company has been involved in producing and managing a wide variety of
coonsumer oriented sites on the Web and AOL.  Throughout that process we
have worked on sites that got ad sales from virtually every source under
the sun --had ads sold by the AOL networks sales force, used
partner/internal reps, retained the services of an individual publishers
rep, done barter and commission deals and all the other thing that most of
us have tried to generate value from our page views.

This week (today actually) we are participating in newcomer's
3rd monthly auction with some excess inventory for our
destination site (with Ann Landers, comics like B.C., Wizard of Id, columns
from Pat Buchanan, Hillary Clinton and other, and so on -- you should all
visit and tell all your friends!).  They offer an interesting model for
selling "expiring inventory" - unsold pageviews that would likely go unused
or carry low value "click-through" deals.  I don't know if we will sell
anything, but it seemed worth a try.

I will let you know tomorrow how we do, hopefully reporting that we sold
out our two lots at decent CPM's

I'm afraid this introduction has rambled a bit, but it should be enough to
kick off a healthy flow of thoughts.

Francis Costello
Smip Interactive, Inc.

 -- 703.442.5210 x230 
 -- 703.442.5205 (fax)
 -- AOL: fvcostello

Re: AM: Advertising sales channels, broadly defined, Jim Harmon

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