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AM: Knowing Someone

To:     "''" <>, "'marketing/advertising discussion group'" <>
Subject:     AM: Knowing Someone
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Fri, 1 May 1998 18:48:01 -0400
Organization:     Morino Institute
Reply-To:     "" <>

Bob, et al-

Thanks for collecting thoughts & getting the ball rolling 
here! Off-line get togethers are a good idea and an 
indicator of the opportunity here in WDC for all of us. 
Several in our ad-market discussion group have also 
suggested the idea of getting together off-line.

The ad-market group is currently planning an off-line
mixer type networking session to bring WDC 
ad-market folks together to meet, greet & mingle. 
We should discuss the organization of this event. 
Should we have tables with flags, identifying areas
of interest? Or... is it enough to pull everyone 
together, see what transpires.

So that you know, I am still lining up a speaker to
kick off the evening. I hope to have him/her nailed
down shortly. I'll then forward details, date, location, 
etc. Lets definitely plan on discussing smaller group 
get togethers at this mixer.

Getting together in focused, smaller groups is also 
interesting. It might be useful for you to consider 
participant needs and value offered. Meaning... 
it might be enough for you to pull small groups 
together (in the adv., marketing world) to discuss 
general topics such as advertising and/or marketing, 
promotion, PR, etc.

On the other hand, it might be useful for you to 
consider specific topics of discussion. Topics in the 
net ad-market world might include:

* selling inventory- affiliate networks, rep firms, 
banner networks, in-house, auction? 

* effective email, list marketing

* creating & maintaining profitable net relationships 
(revenue share, etc.): why, who, cost, the deal

* ad model or transactions as streams- do either 
make sense? (CPM, pay for performance, 
click through)

Bob, you might want to check out the ad-market
group: http://netpreneur/org/connect/am. Many 
of the folks that you mention participate in this 
growing group of regional advertising, marketing 

AMA-DC, New Media Society members already 
participate. You might check out the AMA-DC 
high-tech SIG, they were quite involved in pro-
moting the winter series you referenced. Let me
know if you need contact info. 

I received an email this week from an ad-market
list member that posted to the AM group & was
then approached by NMS for a speaking engage-

As a starting point, you might determine who is 
interested in smaller adv., marketing group get 
togethers and what the needs might be. You can 
then possibly pull together meetings around those 
interests. I will be happy to collect and hold for 
you the names of folks interested in getting 
together in smaller groups.

* If you are interested in attending smaller
(advertising/marketing) meetings please drop me
a note that includes 
areas of interest. For the sake of everyone's
in-box, please don't post to the list, but to me 

Bob, one advertising group has already gotten
together- perhaps you can use this group as a 


Mitch Arnowitz
Business Development
Morino Institute
PKW Netpreneur Program 

Bob Rose writes:

>Just to put something on the table - I want to identify some individuals
>trained in marketing who think like I do - whose views are at least
>compatible with mine.  How would you suggest a bunch of persons like me get
>together with a bunch of possible candidates?  My first thought - regarding
>what I might consider ideal  - would be a cruise on the Dandy.  Marketing
>meets tech - or something like that.  With something to filter out the
>corporate predators - who want only to sniff out the competition.

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