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AM: Advertising Sales Channels Broadly Defined

Subject:     AM: Advertising Sales Channels Broadly Defined
From:     "Renee S. Clepper" <>
Date:     Mon, 04 May 1998 09:09:09 -0400
Organization:     Clepper Multimedia Marketing

Clepper Multimedia represents a select group of websites.  Each website
was choosen based on the personal passion of one of our three

This selection process enables CMM to deepen its knowledge of the site,
getting a handle on the market it represents and work to build
one-to-one relationships with ad agencies and clients.   We are not
selling inventory, we are selling relevancy for our clients.  Our sites
visitor and impression levels range from 100,000 to 5,000,000.
Admittedly, this approach is time intensive,and results are long term,
but the pay off is there.

When I was ad director of, prior to starting CMM,
I used a hybrid model for sales.  We tapped into the existing print
sales teams for sponsorship and multimedia programs, and an Internet
Network for general run of site banner rotation.

The Network did not have the deep,one-to-one relationships with the
community, and knowledge of our brand, which was necessary for selling
six figure plus programs.  But, they did have the tonnage to sell
"inventory" across demographic segments. 

For any site trying to generate revenue, it is to your advantage to tap
into as many resources as possible.  Accounts and people jump around in
this industry at a faster rate than older, established media.  But, it's
paramount that these voices know your site.

It used to drive me nuts when people would call on me at NG, trying to
pitch me on something or another, and they hadn't even visited my site,
or gone beyond the main menu!

I believe more and more Rep Companies will be formed.  Websites can be
individually showcased in this model, while adding to the total
I read with great interest Francis' report on the AdAuction his site
participated in.  Was the inventory sold at auction for a brand based
product message, or a retail message?  And, would you know what other
products participated in the auction?
I would also like to participate in an  off-line discussion group, and I
love the idea of the Dandy, as a closed environment.

I look forward to meeting some of you down the pike.   


Renee S. Clepper
Clepper Multimedia Marketing
Building Relationships With Innovative Angles
Phone: 	703-541-0075
Fax:	703-541-0074

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