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AM: Ad broker partners; geographically local ads, etc.

Subject:     AM: Ad broker partners; geographically local ads, etc.
From:     Ross Stapleton-Gray <>
Date:     Mon, 11 May 1998 23:43:08 -0400

I'm interested in approaching some of the large advertising networks, re a
new venture; while I've asked elements of my questions in this and other
Netpreneur forums before, it's been at least a Web year since then, and I
know the markets are steadily evolving.

Question #1, have any of the larger ad brokers shown an interest in
start-ups, e.g., in working with services that could demonstrate a credible
volume in time, but which might be sub-threshhold when they launch?
(There's of course a chicken & egg issue rolled in here too... absent a
source for ads, it may be hard to get customers to generate volume to
generate an attractive site for ads...)

Question #2, have any of the brokers shown an interest in *geographically*
targeted ads, e.g., ads that would be seen by Bayonne, NJ eyeballs 90% of
the time, or by consumers in NYC, or Seattle only?  I know that gender &
age are primary categories, but what about geography?  (I've seen a number
of geocentric sites, e.g., LocalEyes, or Yahoo! DC, that don't seem to have
much in the way of locally-focused ads.)

Question #3, are there any good examples of services which, in part,
aggregate a number of smaller customers into a large enough block to
negotiate with an ad broker, e.g., pooling high school Web sites, and then
contracting with a large broker to get ads for Jostens class rings,
American Express, etc.?


Ross Stapleton-Gray                     TeleDiplomacy, Inc.                    2503 Columbia Pike, Suite 118
                                        Arlington VA 22204   +1 703 685-5197 / 5257 fax

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