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Re: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web

Subject:     Re: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web
From:     Linda Kolker <>
Date:     Wed, 13 May 1998 10:36:24 -0400

I've had many years' experiencing in working with publishers to get new
customers. Here is an idea or two for you to think about. Traditional
newsletter publishers rely 100% on direct mail as their new business
generator. And they are finding it harder and harder to make direct mail
work. The economics are a killer. Controlled-circulation (advertising
supported) pubs who switch to the paid-subscription model have a tough row
to hoe. List rental is absolutely the key, and the offer has to be well
structured. And then you have to do renewals--the real money is in the back
end, the renewals. The newsletter publishers who have been my clients
started with products on paper and have gone to the Internet subsequently,
offering a licensing model to subscribers who prefer electronic delivery.
Most publishers who have a website drive readers to it by promoting the URL
in the print publications they send out. The Net is also terrific as an
archive available on a paid basis. 

Motley Fool has been experimenting with print, and may provide an
instructive model as a business that started out e-based and moved into
paper subsequently. 

I know this just scratches the surface--it's a complex issue.

Linda Kolker

At 09:05 PM 5/12/98 -0400, wrote:
>NetResponse is an internet consulting and development agency.  One of
>our clients is in the midst of planning an aggressive customer
>acquisition campaign.  The client is a web based publication, which
>recently migrated to a subscription model.
>Thus far, banner ads have not been a cost effective channel.  I was
>wondering what experiences, thoughts, or recommendations people had in
>regards to alternative customer acquisition vehicles.
>We are looking at list rental for direct email, text ads on email lists,
>and sponsorships, as well as testing off line advertising mechanisms
>(direct mail, print, and local NPR).
>Thank you-
>Bill Robins
LeapFrog Solutions
Board of Directors, New Media Society of Washington     
v. 301-593-8545  f.301-593-8058

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