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Re: FW: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web

To:     "Melissa MacKinnon @ superSonic BOOM" <>
Subject:     Re: FW: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web
From:     Bill Robins <>
Date:     Fri, 15 May 1998 13:59:27 -0400
CC:     Bill Robins <>, "" <>, "" <>, Mitch Arnowitz <>, Nancy Swanson <>, Terry Steichen <>
References:     <> <> <>


Thanks for the lead.  I will be certain to contact her.  I appreciate
the introduction.

Look forward to your additional thoughts on radio.



Melissa MacKinnon @ superSonic BOOM wrote:
> I strongly suggest radio.  NPR is a great audience; however, it's difficult to
> get your message across with "sponsorship" ads on public radio.  There is not
> enough time - especially with something new.  I advise WTOP NewsRadio 1500 AM.  I
> used to sell advertsing there, and our advertisers found it extremely
> successful.  WTOP and NPR share the same audience.  However, WTOP allows you to
> air 60 second "spots" (advcertisements).  I would sponsor Dave McConnell, as he
> is an anchor in Washington, as the capitol Hill correspondent - not only for WTOP
> for for Channel 4 News.  He has a huge and loyal following.  I can put you in
> touch with someone who can really help you there.  Her name is Jean Fowler.  She
> is a WTOP veteran and works very closely with politically focused advertisers.
> Her number is 202-895-5000.  Please tell her that Melissa MacKinnon referred you.
> I have alot of reasons why I think rado is the best off-line medium for Internet
> companies.  I have to run to a meeting now, but will write back with my reasons.
> Good luck,
> Melissa

Re: FW: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web, Melissa MacKinnon @ superSonic BOOM

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