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AM: RE: Advertising on the Internet: Next meeting

To:     "'Andrew Forbes'" <>, ad-market <>
Subject:     AM: RE: Advertising on the Internet: Next meeting
From:     Terry Steichen <>
Date:     Sun, 17 May 1998 22:23:20 -0400


For determining the effectiveness of web-based operations, I can't think
of anything more important than keeping track of (a) where the people
that visit your site came from, (b) what parts of your website they
(apparently) found most appealing, (c) when and in what volume they
visited (did it coincide with a promotion), and (d) how often they tend
to return.  As to other details such as identity (which you can really
only get if they register) that depends heavily on your policy

As to the effectiveness of available tools, they can truly do wonders
with log files, especially if they offer features that add additional
details to the log entries.  But most systems are pretty primative in
terms of session management, so there are limits.

I for one would enjoy participating in a face-to-face discussion on
this, but alas, no, I don't know of a quiet backroom in a bar or

Terry Steichen

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Andrew Forbes []
> Sent:	Sunday, May 17, 1998 5:42 PM
> To:	ad-market
> Subject:	AM: Advertising on the Internet: Next meeting
> I recently put together a "let's have a beer and talk 
> about online advertising" meeting .  In that meeting 
> we touched on enough topics to fill many, many 
> meetings.
> So for the next "Advertising on the Internet" meeting, 
> I'd like try a fairly narrow focus: 
> How important is:
> - the ability to develop reach and frequency reports
> for a web site?
> -  the identity and the demographics of the people 
> that visit your web site? 
> How effective are the currently available tools and
> services for acquiring this type of information?
> Let me know if you would be interested in attending
> a meeting touching on these topics, and if I get three
> plus people that are interested we'll get something
> scheduled.
> The last meeting was in Great Falls, Virginia, and I'd
> like to do the next one somewhere different. If you
> want to attend, and you have an available conference
> room, or know of a bar or restaurant in your area
> with a fairly quiet back room, please make a 
> recommendation.
> Andrew Forbes

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