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AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web

To:     ad-market
Subject:     AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web
Date:     Mon, 18 May 1998 09:27:32 -0400

Linda, thank you for the kind reference to Women's 
Connection Online (we're migrating to our URL as our 
tradename, - that way, we don't have 
to count on someone including our URL in a story, etc. to 
get traffic!).  

On the subject of customer acquisition, we have grown traffic 
to our site by 3000% over the last year without paid advertising
- we work with women business owner/professional women 
associations to publicize ourselves through their existing 
meetings/publications (thinking outside of the box may identify
strategic associations that other sites could work with to increase 
traffic) - we offer them a free presence/visibility/links on our site in 
return for the publicity; we also agressively search the Web for
relevant sites with whom we can cross-link (again with a focus 
on nonprofits - you have to be careful about giving free links to 
commercial sites since you can gut your advertising revenue), 
lastly, we issue regular content/press releases on what's coming 
next week, etc. on our site - they have started to be picked up by
NetGuide, MSNBC, Pointcast and others.  

On the revenue side, we do sell advertising on our site but that 
only accounts for 1/2 of our revenue projections - we believe in a 
balanced revenue plan - we shoot for 1/4 revenue from affiliate-
based e-commerce programs (e.g., 1-800-Flowers, Barnes & 
Noble, etc.) and 1/4 from affinity programs that we develop jointly
with partners (e.g., our co-branded ISP offering with IBM, our
discount brokerage services with National Discount Brokers, etc.)
- although we think the affinity programs could be the real sleeper
and actually out perform the others.  Hope this is helpful!
Gary LaFever, Sr. VP
8260 Greensboro Drive/Ste 200A
McLean, Virginia 22102
703.556.9662 ext. 101

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> From:   Linda Kolker []
> Sent:   Wednesday, May 13, 1998 7:32 PM
> To:
> Subject:        RE: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web

> I think Terry's notion of using the unique properties of the Web as a
> medium, namely interactivity, is right on target. There is, of course, the
> issue of how quickly the community can be expanded in order to generate ad
> revenues. And the issue of getting end-users to pay for Web content is
> still a big unknown. But certainly Womens Connect Online serves as one
> model of a revenue-generating online community.
> Linda
> ____________
> LeapFrog Solutions
> Board of Directors, New Media Society of Washington
> v. 301-593-8545  f.301-593-8058

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> Sent:   Tuesday, May 12, 1998 9:06 PM
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> Subject:        AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web
> AM-
> NetResponse is an internet consulting and development agency.  One of
> our clients is in the midst of planning an aggressive customer
> acquisition campaign.  The client is a web based publication, which
> recently migrated to a subscription model.
> Thus far, banner ads have not been a cost effective channel.  I was
> wondering what experiences, thoughts, or recommendations people had in
> regards to alternative customer acquisition vehicles.
> We are looking at list rental for direct email, text ads on email lists,
> and sponsorships, as well as testing off line advertising mechanisms
> (direct mail, print, and local NPR).
> Thank you-
> Bill Robins

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