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Re: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web

Subject:     Re: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web
From:     Ross Stapleton-Gray <>
Date:     Mon, 18 May 1998 13:18:58 -0400

At 09:27 AM 5/18/98 -0400, wrote:
>On the subject of customer acquisition, we have grown traffic 
>to our site by 3000% over the last year without paid advertising...

To be technically accurate, wouldn't you count your company's underwriting
of All Things Considered on NPR (or was it another of the segments?) as
advertising?  While you may or may not have been able to deduct it in the
same fashion as advertising, the exposure amounts to same; when NPR went
from merely noting sponsors to actually having its staff give the corporate
slogans ("Alltel - Always more than you thought!," "The CPA: Never
underestimate the value," and that darn "Raymond James Senior Partner Sasha
Millstone" attorney person), phone numbers and Web sites, I think they
crossed the line... it looks, walks and quacks like an advertising duck.


Ross Stapleton-Gray                     TeleDiplomacy, Inc.                    2503 Columbia Pike, Suite 118
                                        Arlington VA 22204   +1 703 685-5197 / 5257 fax

Re: AM: Customer Acquisition via the Web, Gary LaFever

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