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AM: The Marketing Challenge "The Training Place"

Subject:     AM: The Marketing Challenge "The Training Place"
From:     Peg Hosky <>
Date:     Tue, 26 May 1998 19:09:39 -0400

Greetings, Russ!  The company and its product, Web-based training for
technical services marketing professional, sound most appealing.  Here are
a few of my thoughts:
1. The publication, Marketing Computers, (telephone 212-536-6605) and its
Web site,, sounds like a good place to start. In
fact, overall, trading access to your training courses for a link on a Web
site of a trade publication is probably one good strategy to employ,
provided the publication reaches the audiences you're seeking.
2.  Locally, Washington Technology, 703-848-2800,, is read
by systems integrators, many of whom provide technical services to the
government.  Based in Vienna, VA and owned by a Washington Post subsidiary,
this publication is read by the executives and business development
managers within your target.  A link from their site might be quite
beneficial.  They also publish a newspaper called Systems Integration that
speaks to the commercial (non-government market focused)
integrator/technical services provider.
3.  Small firms who focus on the government market (8a firms, designated by
the Small Business Administration as disadvantaged or minority-owned firms,
for example) are probably a good target, too, and I'd considered tying into
them through the Small Business Administration Office of Business
Development or through one of the universities like George Mason which is a
focal point for training to small businesses.  No doubt George Mason has a

Best of luck!
Peg Hosky
Hosky Inc.
fax 202-364-8158

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