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Re: AM: Website? web site? Web-site? website?

Subject:     Re: AM: Website? web site? Web-site? website?
From:     Jeff MacConnell <>
Date:     Wed, 27 May 1998 23:09:01 -0400
References:     <>

A-M and other Nitpicking Netpreneurs;

When I was employed in a more literary field, I used to enjoy the fact that I was fortunate enough to have learned the King's Lingo before it became passé.  Now, however, for this type of important esoterica, I rely on my smart, conscientious wife who is a very professional secretary in one of Washington's better-known legal mills.

After consideration of the literature and some research on recent usage in legal documents, her take is that :  "Web site"  is the proper spelling.  Of course, now we must wrestle with the likes of  "cyberspace", "netspeak", "e-commerce", "webweeny", "netpreneur", "KnowledgeWay", "morino", "etc.", etc.!!

 My poor MSWord spellchecker, in its totally inadequate state,  has had to accept my word(s) on so many new "cyber-subjects" (there's another one!!), that perhaps we should file a class action lawsuit against Mr. Gates for mental distess (before he sues us for misappropriation of "his" words??!)!!

I'm amazed at how much e-traffic (is that spelled right?) is generated by a single term.  Are we REALLY discussing this??!  Is it really this late??

-Jeff MacConnell
IDeal Destinations, Inc. wrote:

Hi all:

No need to use neologisms or perverted twists of phrase:  it's "Web site"
without a doubt.  Why?  "Site" is the noun; "Web" modifies "site."  As with
other such combinations of words, the two have separate identities.

To me there's not even a question...(grin)

- AZ

Re: AM: Website? web site? Web-site? website?, Jim Harmon

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