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Re: AM: *Marketing Challenge* #4- The Training Place needs to find its customer

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Subject:     Re: AM: *Marketing Challenge* #4- The Training Place needs to find its customer
From:     Netcom <>
Date:     Thu, 28 May 1998 11:45:07 -0700
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Your challenge is the ultimate of all netpreneurs.  Fortunately, this
issue has been addressed EXTENSIVELY in the direct mail world, from
which I came.  I used to work for Capital One--they mailed 500 million
mail pieces a year (yes, it is a problem for the environment!) and their
whole "schtick" was "target, target, target."  I used to build new
businesses for them leveraging their competencies in information-based
marketing and overall information technology.

For what its worth, here are my own personal learnings from those and
related experiences:

1) The ability to target on the net is rudimentary compared to that of
mail, but it is increasing exponentially.  The key is to track
individual level information--few, if any firms, are doing this, but
they are coming about and I am tracking this development.  file my
e-mail address and I will give you updates on my findings as the days /
weeks go by if you like.

2) You will have to pay for the more targeted audiences.  Unfortunately,
few internet advertising firms actually offer "commission-on-sales" ad
opportunities for new companies--this would allow new cos. to take less
financial risk than the standard CPM for eyeballs approach that Yahoo!,
Doubleclick, etc. employ.  Advertising firms will have to start offering
more diverse payment algorithms or risk losing new clients who are
concerned about the type of traffic their banners might be getting.  I
am also tracking this development--same offer to send you updates on my

3) I also support earlier recommendations that you "ally" with sites
that bring relevant traffic in exchange for access to some content that
you might have.  This model is working all over the place.

4) Blasphemy: Most HR departments historically do NOT look for vendors
on the web--perhaps you should CALL target companies and setup face
meetings, or sell over the phone, or direct them to your web site.  Use
the more traditional MARKETING approach they are used to, but sell them
on your better delivery of the training product(s) (lower cost, work at
your own pace, work on your own time, etc.).

Hope this helps.  E-mail me if you like to discuss more.

Scott Ferber
Terra Ferma

Mitch Arnowitz wrote:
> Folks-
> Periodically, the Ad-marketing group runs *Marketing Challenges*.
> All of us face advertising and marketing issues and opportunities.
> *Marketing Challenges* offers fellow netpreneurs the opportunity
> to ask for your input and advice. In past challenges, participants
> have been pleased with our input- thank you.
> Enclosed is our current *Marketing Challenge*. This *Marketing
> Challenge* is actually part of a new, larger Netpreneur initiative
> called Business Challenges. Business Challenges bring
> netpreneurs and experts together off-line to help a company
> address issues, opportunities and problems.
> Explanation of our input and the Business Challenge process:
> Ad-marketing will first focus on the marketing side for this
> company; The Training Place. Then our sister discussion group;
> "Talk the Talk" will take the challenge off-line, focusing on the
> business side or problem for The Training Place.
> For this challenge, please respond to the list:
> Lets see if we can help Russ Williams & The Training Place
> out. Russ has also agreed to hold comments and summarize
> for the group.
> Have a *Marketing Challenge* you need help with? Send it in
> to: Thanks again for your input!
> ______________________________
> Mitch Arnowitz
> ----------------------------------------
> ----------------------------------------
> the company:
> The Training Place Inc. is a leading developer of interactive soft
> skills Web based training courses for the corporate marketplace, with a
> focus on topics in Leadership, Marketing and Management.  The Train-
> ing Place's Web based training courses are convenient training solutions
> for employees, allowing them to progress through the training at their
> own pace, from anywhere they have an Internet connection.
> The Training Place's Web based training courses are convenient, cost
> effective training solutions for companies, allowing them to provide
> consistent training materials to a geographically dispersed workforce,
> reducing travel and hotel expenses associated with traditional
> classrooms, and improving employee productivity by decreasing their
> time away from the office.
> One of The Training Place's courses; the Marketing Technical Services
> training course is currently in Beta. Our customer for this course
> is 25-35 years old and college educated. He/she has responsibilities for
> sales or marketing with a technical services or telecommunications
> company.
> the challenge:
> One of the keys to our sales success will be the development of Web
> site traffic from outside Web sites with users who fit the correct
> customer target profile. We believe a relevant questions is, "How Will
> We Find Our Customer?" On the Web, with the sheer volume of
> potential customers, we know that a mass market approach will not be
> effective as our courses are of interest to only a sub-set of the online
> user population.
> *How do we identify the right target population or customer for our
> Marketing Technical Services training course? Also:
> - what search methods or sources should we employ?
> - are there relevant company sites that aggregate or act as portals
>   for this customer?
> Thank you very much-
> Russ Williams
> The Training Place

Re: AM: *Marketing Challenge* #4, Russ Williams

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