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Re: AM: Website? web site? Web-site? website?

To:     Jeff MacConnell <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Website? web site? Web-site? website?
From:     Jim Harmon <>
Date:     Thu, 28 May 1998 10:39:00 -0400
Organization:     The Telephone Connection
References:     <> <>

Jeff MacConnell wrote:
>  My poor MSWord spellchecker, in its totally inadequate state,  has
> had to accept my word(s) on so many new "cyber-subjects" (there's
> another one!!), that perhaps we should file a class action lawsuit
> against Mr. Gates for mental distess (before he sues us for
> misappropriation of "his" words??!)!!

Although I'm personally against frivolous litigation to somewhat extreme
measure, I won't challenge your statement above.


> I'm amazed at how much e-traffic (is that spelled right?) is generated
> by a single term.  Are we REALLY discussing this??!  Is it really this
> late??

I think this is a *good thing*, and actually a relevent topic for AM,
given the fact that AM has at least one goal of improving electronic
communications for the sake of Advertising and Marketting.

The Marino Institute's interest in fostering better use of the Internet
and the Web for that purpose seems to suggest that discussion on topics
that improve overall understanding of "The Net", it's quirks and it's
foibles, *and it's language* can only assist in better use of the medium
for AM goals.

In short, agreeing on common terminology makes communications more
efficient and more effective.

And if a broader cross-section of professionals adopt a standard, it
increases the power of that group to further their communal goals.

I guess I'll be putting a space in "Web site" from now on.  :)

> -Jeff MacConnell
> IDeal Destinations, Inc.

   Jim Harmon                           The Telephone Connection                          Rockville, Maryland

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