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Re: AM: *Marketing Challenge* #4

Subject:     Re: AM: *Marketing Challenge* #4
From:     Josh Chernila <>
Date:     Fri, 29 May 1998 11:04:18 -0400
Organization:     Monticello Systems, Inc.
References:     <> <> <>

Hey Russ,

I have an example of a subscription version of this model.

I've been doing some work for Kesmai Corporation here in Charlottesville VA.
Kesmai is a Multi-player gaming company.  They run GameStorm, a subscription
online gaming aggregation hub, which showcases their own games (airwarrior,
aliens-online, and on and on) and others such as WarCraft, Quake, and the

GameStorm has deals in place with a number of high-traffic online partners to
guide users to GameStorm in exchange for a portion of subscription fees.  It's
really a very slick model:  GameStorm gets subscribers, Partners get acquistion

The following is one of a number of acquisition sites gamestorm has in place, each
can be co-branded such that users registering through a co-branded page credit the
partner organization.

In this case, anyone registering for GameStorm by way of this page will credit
FOXWORLD with an acquisition  - they get fees and a bounty.

The same process works for all of their acquisition pages:

I hope that's a good example for you.

Best Regards,

Josh Chernila
"therefore i am"

Russ Williams wrote:

> Netcom wrote:
> > Russ,
> >
> > 3) I also support earlier recommendations that you "ally" with sites
> > that bring relevant traffic in exchange for access to some content that
> > you might have.  This model is working all over the place.
> Hello Ad-Market,
> Thanks for the responses to date.  I agree that traditional channels are
> important - they are in fact where the bulk of our effort lay.  As a secondary
> channel, and given that our products are Web based, we would like to do some
> partnering with certain sites that may bring the right traffic to us.  As a
> small company with little brand equity - this may be hard to do with some of
> the larger sites - however we believe this can be overcome.
> Regarding the point above, which I have seen mentioned here on Ad-market
> before...does anyone have an example of the content they are exchanging for
> relevant traffic or an example to view which demonstrates this concept in
> action?
> Best,
> Russ Williams
> The Training Place

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