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AM: Sponsorship the way to go

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: Sponsorship the way to go
From:     "Theodore Theologis" <>
Date:     Sun, 31 May 1998 16:33:35 -0400
Reply-To:     <>

I have been following this list for a while, but it is the first time I
I must say that if I see a site with full page ads, it better be giving
away gold because  I will never visit it again. If I need to wait an
additional 20-30 seconds to see that ad before I go to that next page, I
will go elsewhere. Maybe in 4-5 years when broadband access is available to
everyone and that ad will take 1 sec. to load and will just pop-up and go,
maybe then I won't mind, but for now I really think that it is a no-no.
As far as banners, I feel like the show I am watching on TV makes a break
for commercials. I never pay attention to them. In fact I do spend some 3-4
hours a day online and in the past year I don't think I clicked more than 4
or 5 banners. Certainly much less than 1% of the banners I see. Whatever
researchers say, I have never seen a banner ad be targeted enough for me.
Even with companies like Cybergold or BonusMail where you give your info
and they e-mail you offers, I haven't received something really

I think the way to go now and for the next few years is sponsorship. 
There you form a relationship with the people. Whenever you access a site
it is the same company sponsoring and you get comfortable with that; you
don't view it as noise.

Ted Theologis
Metromedia Information Management, Inc.
PO Box 6721
McLean, VA 22106

703-465-9442 Tel
703-465-0044 Tel
703-995-0288 Fax

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