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AM: list notes

To:     "'Ad-marketing'" <>
Subject:     AM: list notes
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Mon, 1 Jun 1998 10:53:32 -0400
Organization:     Morino Institute
Reply-To:     "" <>


* This weekend's conversation on full-screen forced ads
was interesting. The reporter that posted the original 
press release will not use the group's comments without
prior approvals. 

* Speaking of reporters... check out todays New York 
Times business section (6/1, P. D5)- theres a nice article 
on region & Netpreneur Program; 'Creating a Silicon 
Valley Around Washington, D.C.' The link:

* As a follow-up to recent group conversations on sub-
scription models and content: there is an interesting & 
relevant thread currently making its way through the @NY 
discussion boards . To read 
this thread, hit 'discussion' off the nav bar, which can be 
found on the left hand side of the homepage.

* This week's (June 1-7) Cyber Media radio & net show highlights interactive

Kim Bayne (high-tech marketing communications expert)
will be discussing the best ways to get Web site visitors
to take action on your advertising banners.
Kim's guest will be Lori Dustin; VP Marketing- Narrative 
Communications Narrative's 
Enliven/Impluse technology allows you to buy some-
thing directly from an ad banner without leaving the site.
No plugin is necessary here, the transaction is secure. 

The Cyber Media radio show is syndicated in several 
markets through National Public Radio. I don't think the 
show is carried in the Washington, DC area. To listen, 
go to: 

You will need the RealAudio player v 5.0 to hear this
show, the Cyber Media site offers a download. 

More event info:

If you do listen, come back & tell us what you learned!


Mitch Arnowitz
Business Development
The Morino Institute
PKW Netpreneur Program 


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