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AM: Re: Fulls-screen/force fed web ads

Subject:     AM: Re: Fulls-screen/force fed web ads
From:     Brian Alpert <>
Date:     Mon, 01 Jun 1998 16:18:30 -0400
References:     <>

All --

re:  Anne's press release/full-screen ads

I've read all the messages (I think) and did not see the word "interstitial." I'm
not sure if Anne's press release is describing what the ad community considers and
interstitial ad -- a full-screen web ad that arrives briefly before a website's
'real' content is auto-loaded.

I thought the press release implied something more like a full-blown TV
commercial, video, sound, etc., that rambles on for 30 sec., etc.  But then again,
the release was so poorly descriptive that might be an unfair overreaction.

I've only seen "real" interstitials on a few occasions, and am not personally
offended by them.  They go away quickly, (a *very* impt. attribute!), do not
require my action (like those obnoxious pop-up ads), and once the "real"
experience has begun, do not suck-up valuable screen real estate like those
lovable and cuddly banner ads (he said, speaking as one who produces such

Also, interstitials are an effective branding tool, since they command more
attention than a banner.  As a marketing-type, that appeals to me, though again,
the brevity is very important.

So the release doesn't offer enough facts to really know what they're talking
about, but regardless of this company, I think we will see more interstitial ads
as time passes.


Brian Alpert
Manager Internet Marketing
Telogy Networks, Inc.

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