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Re: AM: Web advertising justification

To:     Angela Morris <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Web advertising justification
From:     "Peter J. Hyszczak" <>
Date:     Sat, 06 Jun 1998 11:23:31 -0400
Organization:     Integrated Marketing Advantage
References:     <>

I won't quote your post but I have a couple of thoughts.

I've been in the wireless telecom business for about 12 years.  Trite
but true, nothing in this business is as predictable as change.

To the point - the justification for your web marketing efforts is in
the demographics of web users.  You are 100% dead-on to have it as a
part of your integrated marketing efforts because the target you are
trying to hit - telecom software users - are 100% web active or they are
on their way out of their companies.

This medium IS change.  You should present your web piece as a branding
piece of your plan, a perfectly suited branding piece at that.  Consider
this - if you are like most others, you have read more than written to
this site.  When you are ready to move, all the input you've read comes
into play.

The prospect is very much in the same boat.  Say your product is
software to reduce churn in telecommunications company's profitable
customer segments.  I'm a wheel in the biz and I keep seeing your
banners.  I don't click through until that fateful day that MEGACOMM
buys my competitor and launches $5 all you can eat pricing plans.  then
I click - or call - or visit your site.  Branding is all the important
stuff that comes before I'm ready to buy.  It's important - and highly
unqualitative - because if you haven't done your branding, you'll never
get a shot when I'm ready to buy.  THAT'S when you do your selling.

Think of the web portion of your plan less as a form of advertising and
more as one to one communication.  When you talk, talk to me and make it
believable so I'll trust you.  That's who's really using the web - early
adopters and you need to earn their trust not bamboozle them with ads.

Just some thoughts


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