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AM: Ad/Store rates

To:     "'Ad-marketing'" <>
Subject:     AM: Ad/Store rates
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Mon, 8 Jun 1998 16:11:39 -0400
Organization:     Morino Institute
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Tom Hicks is the VP, GM for Discovery Channel Online Tom is a well known and 
respected in our business. Tom also led the recent
redesign of the Discovery Online site.

Tom sends in the following comments for the recent
Ad/Store rates post:

-----Original Message-----
From:	Thomas Hicks
Sent:	Monday, June 08, 1998 3:45 PM
Subject:	AM: Ad/Store rates 


     In a way you've answered your own question.  Why not start out by
offering "space" in your store for a monthly fee plus a commission on sales
(perhaps lower than the 12% offered).  Think about structuring your monthly
fee in such a way that the first  $500 in commissions goes back to the
vendor, then anything beyond that is paid in commission to you.  As your
audience grows, you'll be able to determine -- and then price -- what your
fees for advertising  would be, but in the meantime you'll be extracting
value from the work you've done and build a win-win relationship with your
vendors.  Good luck.   Let me know how it works out.

Tom Hicks
VP, GM Discovery Channel Online

> 1. One vendor I have asked to be in the store is willing to give me all their
> graphics and goodies for the storefront and in return, VA will get 12% of each
> sale.  Since the site is new (well, not even live yet) we will also get the
> extra benefit of having their good name on our site.  Intially, if vendors
> have the material to give VA then I see only asking for a small set up charge
> for time.   But, if  VA has to do all the set up and design for another
> vendor, then I will charge and have a fee for that based on design &
> programming  

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