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The Dingman Center's Mentor Program
Entrepreneurs from Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia, who have completed a first draft of their business plan, are qualified to apply for a mentor from The Dingman Center. Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, service providers, and faculty members with expertise in nearly all areas of interest. There is a modest charge of $45/hour for this service and a one time $25 application fee. Checks can be made payable to the Dingman Center.  Please remember that individuals without a business plan will not be considered. Mentors lend advice on various business problems and issues including:
  • Accounting
  • Compensation / Staffing
  • Financing / Financial Planning
  • Government Contracting
  • International Business
  • Joint Venturing
  • Legal / Management Issues
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Strategic Planning

Mentors provide assistance in many ways: advising, providing introductions to business contacts, and focusing the entrepreneur on the key problems facing his/her business. The specific needs of each entrepreneur are matched with the skills of the mentors.

More Information:

The Facts on the Mentor Program
Mentor Program Policies
I Want To Be a Mentor! (SIGN UP TO BE A MENTOR. . .)
Contact The Dingman Center (
The Dingman Center For Entrepreneurship




The Mentors

The mentor program offers entrepreneurs a low-cost opportunity to receive guidance from one or more of the Dingman Center's large (more than 150) cadre of mentors. This group represents a broad range of skills and technical backgrounds with one common attribute: experience. Our mentors average over 20 years of business experience in aerospace, biotechnology, chemicals, electronics, food services, franchising, manufacturing, software, telecommunications and other fields.

They are presidents, CEOs, managing partners and business founders, attorneys, accountants, and consultants. The size of our mentor corps and the breadth of experience allows us to tailor our mentor selections to the needs, business maturity, and industry of each entrepreneur. These business people have traveled the path from start-up to success and are eager to share their experiences with early-stage entrepreneurs.

MS Word download Mentor Profile ~ Word doc, 45K
        ...if you are interested in becoming a Mentor


Applying for Mentor Services

Small Maryland, DC, and Virginia area firms are eligible for assistance. To be accepted into the program, the entrepreneur must demonstrate a desire and a specific plan to build a company with significant revenues and which will create a significant number of jobs. The entrepreneur must submit an application and business plan executive summary. In exceptional cases, mature companies are also eligible.

MS Word download Request for Mentor Services ~ Word doc, 48K
        ...if you are a "Mentee" in search of a Mentor


The mentors volunteer their time and receive no compensation for their services. A nominal fee is charged by the Dingman Center to defray the costs of administering the program: $45 per hour ($35 for University of Maryland System incubator companies; FREE for full-time undergraduate and graduate University of Maryland System students).


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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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