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meet the netpreneur team  
(Last updated 10.23.02) 

The Morino Institute has assembled an extraordinary team in support of Netpreneur, made up of people with exceptional skills, a passion for entrepreneurship, and expertise in starting and growing organizations.

As Netpreneur prepares to sunset at the end of the year, we will work to insure that its legacy and benefits continue through the activities of other groups in the region. At the same time, these team members are seeking new opportunities for themselves. 

Over the years, the Netpreneur network has helped hundreds of businesses in our community find great people and resources. And vice-versa. If you have been impressed with the vision, execution, and professionalism of Netpreneur, these are the people who have made it happen, and who will bring those talents, energy, and more to their next challenge. We invite you to contact them to learn more about them and what they can do.


Mary MacPherson

Executive Director,

Morino Institute Netpreneur

Mitch Arnowitz, Director, Business Development

In addition to creating and leading Netpreneur’s respected AdMarketing list, Mitch’s focus is on the interactive marketing area where he has been able to develop and leverage a variety of business relationships that help drive traffic, create affinities, and promote individuals, businesses, and brands. A founding member of the Netpreneur Program, his particular interests are in tying together traditional direct marketing and sales into interactive, loyalty building efforts.


Ben Martin, Director, Investor Services

With over 10 years of experience in Finance and Information Technology, Ben is responsible for all Netpreneur Funding & Finance programs, series, and events. Prior to joining the Morino Institute, he served as a Technology Analyst with the Advanced Technology Department of the American Chemical Society. He holds an MBA in Corporate Finance and MS Information Systems from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.


Neil Oatley, Executive Editor

Neil is responsible for the planning and development of Netpreneur products and services, and plays a key role in developing editorial, marketing, and communications strategies for the program. He has been with the Morino Institute since its creation, and was a part of the team that originally developed both the Institute’s and Netpreneur’s objectives and strategies. Prior to joining the Morino Institute he was a marketing executive at technology firms and led sales and acquisitions roles in the publishing industry.


Lin Plummer, Office Manager

Lin has been Office Manager for Netpreneur for the past three years. In addition to administrative support, she keeps the online and offline events running smoothly, manages the Netpreneur Calendar submissions and broadcasts, and coordinates monthly Coffee & DoughNets sessions. Her behind-the-scenes assistance and commitment to customer service are evident in many aspects of Netpreneur programs and services.


Adele Rudolph, Event Management

For the last four-and-a-half years, Adele has coordinated the planning process and managed the logistics and execution of events on behalf of the Morino Institute and all of its ventures, including Netpreneur. Her other experience is diverse, including computer programming, software sales, her own gift business, and high-level support to prominent community leaders at EDS and Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology.


Jim Walker, Webmaster and Website Programmer

Jim is responsible for all of the technical development and maintenance for the entire family of Morino websites including and, formerly, YouthLearn. He manages the hardware, software, and development and productivity tools, and is also responsible for updates and maintenance on all Morino servers and technical management of our email discussion lists. He is involved in planning, strategy and execution for all Web-based, email, and other technical services of Netpreneur.


Fran Witzel, Vice President, Netpreneur Program

John F. "Fran" Witzel was one of the original team to develop and launch the Netpreneur Program. He created the program's Investor Services efforts, including facilitating 8 seed equity investments within 2 years, He has 25 years of experience in building high-growth software companies by driving revenues, developing partnerships, and facilitating early stage private equity financing and M&A. 


Ann Slaski, Interactive Site Producer

Ann had been the force behind the creative development and daily maintenance for the Netpreneur website, as well as design and production of print materials. In addition to graphic design and production, she played a key role in planning and developing site services, including Profiles, My Services and other major enhancements. She has received several awards for both design and print, and recently accepted a position as Creative Director at Sport & Health Clubs.


Linda Shives, Web Site Administrator
During her four years with Netpreneur, Linda created and managed the Netpreneur website's Support Center, oversaw event registration details, and managed functionality for My Profile and My Services. She served as primary contact for all user feedback and customer service inquiries, managed the ActionNet job opportunity bulletins, was the Editor of the Netpreneur Calendar, and was responsible for administration of the LISTSERV discussion lists. This July, Linda joined WebSurveyor as Customer Loyalty Manager, developing and managing programs to increase customer loyalty and affinity.

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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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