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Ad-Marketing List Guidelines

The Netpreneur Ad-Marketing List is an e-mail based discussion group. The list is a place where Internet start-ups discuss advertising, marketing and business opportunities and issues.

On the list are large and small companies, experts, press, associations, organizations and Internet entrepreneurs. The list is comprised of those in and outside of the Greater Washington Region and includes discussion, meetings, marketing challenges and a newsletter.

Before you jump into the discussion, please read the guidelines listed below; they help set common expectations for participating in the ad-marketing discussion group.


Please stay on topic when posting. Our discussion group is used for addressing Internet advertising marketing opportunities and issues. Additional,
relevant information is also disseminated through our group.

Comments concerning topics other than Internet advertising & marketing, while interesting, belong someplace else. Do your own value check before
posting or entering a current discussion. Noise, an issue for all discussion groups, is even more important for time-strapped netpreneurs.

If you want to respond to an individual and don't feel your comments are relevant to the group, please respond privately to that individual's e-mail address, not the list address. Also, when posting, ask folks to either respond to you directly or the list.

Please be sensitive to group members inboxes! When responding to a thread or discussion, please do not post the entire thread. Post only relevant post(s) and edit, leaving enough for clarity.

Do not try to sell or post unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or other forms of solicitation to the group. Remember that you will gain exposure
for yourself and/or your business by offering relevant information that helps others in the group.

Please do not post scam & virus alerts to the list. While important, this list is not the place for these types of notices. Please do not cross-post to the  AdMarketing list. Posting the same message to several lists tends to bring down overall value.

Please do not distribute copyrighted content on AdMarketing without permission of the copyright owner. These issues are in direct violation of our
Access Agreement, found at Anyone who does not abide by this rule will be removed from the list.

The terms and conditions of the Netpreneur Exchange Access Agreement also govern the use of this list as well as the Netpreneur Exchange Web site.

Be careful what you disclose! Our group is open unmoderated, meaning that messages you post go directly to the list recipients. As our group grows
in size, we are attracting a variety of participants. Make sure that you are not posting proprietary or confidential information.

Please include name, company, e-mail address and company URL in all posts. People want to know who you are, you want people to find you. Please limit your signature (SIG) to a maximum of 6 lines; 4 is preferable. Please post in Plain Text format. HTML and Rich Text formatting are not read by all email clients and messes up the daily digest. No attachments allowed, no exceptions.

No flaming allowed. Kindness and consideration for others are prerequisites for list participation. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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