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AM: Mkt. Challenge #4 Wrap-Up

To:     "'Ad-marketing'" <>
Subject:     AM: Mkt. Challenge #4 Wrap-Up
From:     Russ Williams <>
Date:     Mon, 08 Jun 1998 17:24:38 -0400

Hello Folks,

First - Thank you to Mitch Arnowitz, who by the way apologized profusely
every time he called me to discuss the challenge.   I never understood
this tactic since he was trying to help me (with the challenge) &
apologizing (for interrupting me to discuss the challenge) but hey -
that's Mitch :-)

Second - Thanks to the group for their insights and recommendations to
our marketing challenge.  One interesting tactic (sharing content) I was
not familiar with was introduced/suggested and we will be exploring this
more in the future.

Third - Thanks to Peg Hosky, Jeff MacConnell, Scott Ferber, Josh
"Joshzilla" Chernila, and Laura Weiss for thier insights, examples,
experiences and suggestions.

A point gleaned from some of the feedback, and from a recent ICONOCAST
column (I recommend this newsletter highly to anyone interested in
following developments in advertising and commerce online) is that it's
good to use a multiple media strategy (especially if you can afford the
traditional media).

Use various other media in an integrated strategy with the Web for a
highly powerful  marketing program designed to attract attention to your
site/product.  Another excellent lesson from "Selling the Invisible" is
"Choosing the Familiar."

- Prospects rely on familiarity.  If you advertise and prospects have
heard of you - when it comes time to make a decision if it's between
your company and one they never heard of it's likely they will choose
you.  It goes on to say it is better to be known badly than not at all -
although I'm not encouraging anyone to go out and generate bad press -
it's an interesting point I thought I would share.

Thanks again everyone - and enjoy the cool weather.

Russ Williams
The Training Place   (Mitch - you happy with this SIG file