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About Posting List Summaries


What is a list summary?
Many AdMarketing conversations or threads include input or recommendations from others. A summary is a roll-up of information or input gathered from others. 

Why should I post a summary? 
Summaries are posted so that we can share gathered information or input with other AdMarketers. 

What is in a summary?
 Where can I find an example?
If asking for referrals, the summary consists of recommendations, contact information and the person making the recommendation. Here is an example. If asking for information, the summary can also consist of URLs or pointers.  Here is an example. To keep summaries short, it is best to snip and include only portions of the feedback that you receive. Here is an example of a summary that includes posts that have been edited down. 

When do I post a summary? 
When asking for input, it is customary to have folks respond directly to you or to the list. If folks respond directly to you, it is also customary to post a brief summary back to the list. For more about posting to AdMarketing, please read the List Posting Tips

How do I post a summary? 
Posting a summary is easy. Just send your note to the list address. Please make sure to begin your subject line with the word SUMMARY, in CAPS. Here is an example of a subject line for a post that includes a summary:

Subject:  SUMMARY: Discussion List Service for a Non-profit 

Where can I find AdMarketing summaries that have already been posted? 
Recent list summaries can be found in the Resources area of the Website under "List Summaries." You can also find them by clicking here

Where can I ask more questions about putting together a summary? 
If you have questions about AdMarketing summaries, please email Mitch.

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