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The topic of email marketing is a frequent one in Netpreneur's AdMarketing list, where experts and novices compare notes, opinions and best practices. In this section you'll find resources generated from their conversations, including a seminar, video & case studies, list discussions & summaries, products guide, articles and more. (Last updated 4.11.02)  >> Table of Contents

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>> Email Marketing Products Guide
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The guide was compiled to assist the members 
of the AdMarketing
list and others with identifying 
the right types of solutions for their needs and the major vendors in each area.

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Articles by AdMarketers: 
Questions For Assessing Email Solutions Vendors
by: Sharon Tucci, President and CEO of Sling Shot Media.

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  >> Video & Case Studies
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Rosalind Resnick, CEO of NetCreations,  spoke to netpreneurs at Coffee & Doughnets (Sept., 1999) about "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You" in email marketing

Case Studies: 

Marketing Newsletters
Read recommendations by AdMarketers

>> AdMarketing Conversations
Read the list marketing conversation 
Read the email campaign conversation 
Read email marketing list summaries by members

>> Newsletter Seminar Reports's "Email Newsletter Tactics Seminar" was held in Reston, Virginia (June, 2001) and covered best practices for using email newsletters, as a profit center and as a promotional tool to enhance brand awareness. AdMarketing members filed the recaps of various panels with the AdMarketing list.

How to monetize your list
by: Alec Dann
The Art of Growing Your Lists by: Vincent Marsh
Vendor Shoot Out by: Dale Gardner
Email Media Production
by: Lora Meisner
Success Stories by: Jeff Staples

>> AdMarketing Meeting 

Netpreneur's AdMarketing list met on email campaigns. Here are summaries from that meeting:

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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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