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The CONNECTIONS 2001 Conference was held in Washington, DC. 
(July, 2001). This conference was produced by the Newspaper Association of America's New Media Federation. Although the press hailed it as the year of the "dotbomb," many online publishers continue to thrive and generate new sources of online revenue for their traditional businesses. AdMarketers attended various conference days, read the recaps. 

The "E-mail Newsletter Tactics Seminar" was held in Reston, VA. (June, 2001). This seminar was produced by  At this two-day event, profit and non-profit publishers, associations and organizations learned best practices on how to use e-mail newsletters as a profit center and as a promotional tool to enhance brand awareness. AdMarketers attended various panel discussions, read the summaries.

The "Strategic Online Communications Seminar" & half-day "Online PR for Startups and Small Companies" workshop was held in Washington, DC. 
(December, 2000). Both events were produced by Phillips International, Inc. and included strategies to help manage online PR efforts. AdMarketers attended various seminar & workshop sessions, read the summaries.    


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