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AM: Intelligent Interactions

Ad-Marketing Group Meets Face To Face To Hear Intelligent Interactions Team at Local Cyberlounge 247media.gif (2623 bytes)

The Netpreneur Program's Ad-Marketing Group had an off-line meeting recently. Attendees met over sandwiches, ice coffee and Talking Heads music at the Atomic Grounds Coffeehouse & Cyberlounge. Ad-marketing folks had a special briefing from the Intelligent Interactions team. Intelligent Interactions is a local marketing technology company and was just acquired by ad banner network 24/7 Media, Inc.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to meet & greet each other. Some of the Netpreneurs gathered around computers equipped with ISDN access. Other Netpreneurs mingled with prominent members of the local online advertising scene. Others simply enjoyed the many Java (of the coffee kind, that is) selections.

Intelligent Interactions CEO & President Yale Brown recounted the humorous story of how a marketing piece (with a mouse in it) led to his initial contact with 24/7 and the trying decision Brown had to make about becoming acquired vs. going it alone. He also outlined some of the fascinating CPM strategies behind Motley Fool banners (Intelligent Interactions provides technology that powers Fool banners).

Finally, Brown and his team predicted the day that 24/7 would overtake ad network industry leader DoubleClick. While conceding that DoubleClick has a large war chest, Brown cited the technological superiority of his technology. "Our bet is that we can deploy our technology a lot faster than they at DoubleClick can reengineer theirs" Brown said.

The Q&A was lively with numerous questions raised about advertising strategies and technology issues. All in all, the evening was an interesting event that brought together the advertising, marketing and technology communities.

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