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Ad-Marketing Summaries
East Coast Branding Agencies
Last Updated 12/28/00 

Third Party Suggestions
Offering Their Own Services
Recent Branding Experts Summary

The original question:
"Does anyone have a favorite list of agencies specializing in branding, located on the East Coast? Mid to small - boutique. And of course Internet savvy.

Thanks to everyone who offered their suggestions on Internet savvy small to mid size East Coast branding agencies. You will see the following summary consists of three parts; third party suggestions, companies offering their own services and a pointer to a recent Ad-Marketing summary on a similar topic. If you want to add a company to this list of agencies, please email
Mitch Arnowitz.

Debbie Weil
Web Content Manager
Network Solutions, Inc.
direct: 703.742.4744

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Third Party Suggestions

The best in the business IMHO is Rob Frankel. He's in LA, but well worth the hassle of the travel. You can hire big fancy firms with big fancy retainers. But if what you're looking for is results, Rob Frankel is your man. Feel free to tell him I sent you.

Robbin Zeff, President
The Zeff Group

I can offer up the following agencies, let me know how things turn out. Good Luck!

Martin Agency (Richmond), Chris Shoemaker New Business

Arnold Communications (McLean, Diane Lewis Sr. VP/Dir. Media

Williams Whittle (Alexandria), Donna Malakoff Dir. Interactive Comm.

Mitch Johnson
Manager, Mid Atlantic Regional Sales
24/7 Media, Inc.
9302 Lee Highway, 12th Floor
Fairfax, VA 22031
direct 703.460.5513
fax 703.460.5529

Debbie, we have just been working with the Design Alliance studio in Alexandria who is fabulous. Extensive experience with all aspects of the Internet, great branding and incredible design capabilities. A client list that includes big and small. They get it and they are a lot of fun to work with. Contact info. follows.

Design Alliance
Tonnie Chamblee
Greg DeSantis
520 North Washington Street, Alexandria VA 22314
phone 703.838.9894 * fax 703.838.9851

Mary MacPherson, Executive Director
Morino Institute Netpreneur Program
11600 Sunrise Valley Dr., Reston, VA 20191
(o) 703.648.3921 | (f) 703.648.3939


There are a couple of good firms that fit your criteria - East Coast,
boutique, internet savvy. But the only one I've found that really
understands your most critical criteria - branding - is DISN, LLC. Tell Carl I sent you.

Julia O'Connor, President
Trade Show Training, Inc.

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I am very impressed by the work of Focused Image here in Alexandria. They
have been working on our campaign and are excellent. You can contact Dave
or Toby Eckhardt at 739-8803.

Dave Grenadier
Segue Technologies Inc.

I highly recommend Lapham/Miller out of Mass. They are top of the line and
do an excellent job of creating a unique look and feel specific to the
customer, unlike many design companies that always seem to have the same

Marilyn Daly
Technology Marketing and Public Relations
12325 Old Canal Rd.
Potomac, MD 20854
301 996-8475

You should check out Corporate Branding. One of the advantages that Corporate Branding offers is the expertise of the large brand consultancies coupled with the creative expertise of a design boutique.

Lowry Davison

DiMassimo based out of NYC, they do branding for Citibank, Gateway etc. Boutique, not too big. Very creative. Has good net ties/strategic relationships. Call Mark DiMassimo at 212 253-7500.

Pete Snyder

Boscobel -- a small firm in this very area. It launched AOL way back when and is still very much in business. And I think it knows the net pretty well. They do advertising and PR both. You might ask to speak with Vanessa.

Good luck!

Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Christopher Scardina
Customer Care

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Offering Their Own Services

RMR Associates. We were just named #1 high tech PR agency in the Silicon Beltway by PR Week Magazine, we won the MC (formerly Marketing Computers) Icon Award for Best Branding Campaign in the country.

The Dittus Group Inc.

Peg McDermott Director of Marketing
Imago Marketing & Design
703-548-9088 - p
703-548-9377 - f
Full service marketing communications specializing in corporate and product branding, advertising, design for web and print.

The Dittus Group Inc.

Cyperswood. We are a full service advertising agency, but do quite a bit of branding and Interactive work.

Travis Yates
The Remington Agency
Web Design and Development
Advertising, Marketing, and Design
352-374-7994 Fax

Larry Everling
Director, Account Services
Earle Palmer Brown Interactive
301-263-2227 p
301-263-2269 f My partners and I have branded media companies -- Discovery Channel and NBC; software companies -- Hyperion, Red Shark; retailers -- e.g., Sears; and untold numbers of packaged goods companies.

Create your message, maintain your brand image and reach your customer through any print, broadcast or electronic medium...creatively and consistently. my phone is 202-342-2100 x156. I hope to here from you soon.

Gordon Hasenei
Universal Communications, Inc.

SMC--Siddall, Matus & Coughter is a strategic communications resource for ecommerce and Internet related companies that need brand building.

John Martin
Siddall, Matus & Coughter
804.788.8011 p
804.782.9792 f

Recent Branding Experts Summary

A recent Branding Experts summary includes more companies

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