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About the AdMarketing list & Summary

The Netpreneur AdMarketing list is an unmoderated email based discussion group where Internet start-ups discuss advertising, marketing and business opportunities and related issues. List contents include discussions, meetings, marketing challenges and a newsletter. The list is delivered in individual post or digest mode. List traffic is moderate with up to 10 posts a day. To subscribe to the AdMarketing list, please click here.

The AdMarketing Summary is a broadcast published each Friday that includes the week's most popular discussions on the AdMarketing list. The Summary was created for those that want to follow AdMarketing list discussions while eliminating much of the email. To subscribe to the AdMarketing list Summary, please click here.

Each week, the Summary will be sent to subscribers in a short email broadcast. The broadcast includes links to several posts for the week and is linked to the AdMarketing Web site. The Web site allows you to follow AdMarketing list discussions by linking to list archives.  Receiving only the Summary allows you to follow the discussion but doesn't allow participation.

How to subscribe to the AdMarketing list or Summary

You can subscribe to the Summary while also receiving the AdMarketing list. Or, you can choose to receive only the list or Summary.

  • To subscribe to the Summary or AdMarketing list, please click here.
  • To switch from the list to the Summary, first unsubscribe from the AdMarketing list by clicking here. After unsubscribing from the list, subscribe to the Summary by clicking here

If you have questions or comments, please send us a note by clicking here.


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