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>> An email list for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or growing a business, especially if you've attended -- or wanted to attend -- a Netpreneur event.


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>> who's been in the loop?

NEW! Larry Robertson on Staying On Track:

Success In Strategy And Execution, plus

- Ransom Parker on Negotiating With VCs

- Gina Dubb on Sales Strategy

- also bootstrapping and a Q&A on sales

Netpreneur is recognized for its "content rich" events, such as our Coffee & DoughNets meetings which feature speakers and panelists including veteran entrepreneurs, investors, experts, business leaders, market-makers and more. But even 90- or 120-minute events aren't enough to cover the important topics at these meetings, so The Loop offers an online channel where community members can discuss them further, and where people unable to attend an event can participate.

>> what's the buzz about?
Netpreneur events -- and postings to The Loop -- cover a wide range of topics, from getting venture funding to generating revenue, from developing a market strategy to working with the press, from the future of online business to the business models of the future. More recent events provide the cues for much of the discussion activity in The Loop, however list members are not limited to them. Subscribers are free to post comments and questions on other topics or past events, so long as they are related to practical or strategic concerns in growing a high-tech business.

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>> in The Loop you can:

  • Continue the discussions from recent netpreneur events with colleagues and other community members.

  • Get additional answers and comments from speakers after the event.

  • Participate in special events with occasional guest experts.

  • Receive pre-registration announcements and other information about upcoming Netpreneur events.

  • Submit questions for speakers before an upcoming event.

  • Introduce yourself to community members to enhance your networking at face-to-face events.

Visit the event archives for more on past Netpreneur events, including summaries, transcripts, videos, and more.

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