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Gina Dubbé

In her role as Managing Partner of Walker Ventures, Gina Dubbé is responsible for the qualification and selection of investment portfolio companies that are focused on selected technology areas. Gina has joined the Board of Directors of several of Walker Ventures' portfolio companies. Competitively positioning companies, products and technologies is what Gina does best. With 15 years of cross-functional expertise, her background has encompassed all sales, marketing and business development arenas in tandem with solid engineering, general management, organizational development and project management qualifications. Prior to the founding of Walker Ventures, Gina held several key sales and engineering management positions with RJO Enterprises, Inc., ORACLE Corp., PRC Corp., Interleaf Corp., and Trusted Information Systems. In each assignment, she identified and capitalized on emerging market opportunities, building flagship programs to capture national accounts within the public and private business sectors. Her responsibilities have encompassed strategic sales and marketing planning and implementation, business development, product positioning, and recruitment/development. She has traveled worldwide, negotiating licensing contracts, multi-channel partnerships and direct sales relationships. Gina is a Licensed Professional Engineer (Virginia) with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University and a Master's degree in Engineering from George Washington University.

in the loop with gina dubbé:

hitting on all cylinders:

from customer strategy to revenue reality


On Monday and Tuesday, July 22-23, be part of a special guest appearance in The Loop with Gina Dubbé, 
Managing Partner of early stage VC firm Walker Ventures.


>>The Topic: From Customer Strategy To Revenue Reality

July's Coffee & DoughNets is about customer acquisition strategies, and we'll cue up that discussion with a very special online guest appearance in The Loop by Gina Dubbé. With 15 years of expertise in all areas of sales, marketing and business development, Gina is expert in developing and executing appropriate customer acquisition strategies at all stages of a company's growth. For two days, she will respond to email questions from members of The Loop discussion group on issues ranging from how to pick the right beta customers, to assessing and integrating the best distribution channels, to motivating salespeople, to explaining your sales strategy in a business plan, to negotiating OEM and VAR relationships -- to almost anything else that will help you turn sales strategy into revenue reality.


>>How It Works: Continuing The Discussion

We'll start by introducing Ms. Dubbé with a preliminary Q&A posting on Monday morning, July 22. Following that, it's open season for your questions, comments and opinions. Here's just a few rules:

  1. The main topic is anything to do with the process, strategies, techniques, and issues of sales strategy and customer acquisition. For example, Ransom was a speaker at Netpreneur's June 2002 Coffee & DoughNets on spinning out tech ventures from large organizations. Questions about negotiating such deals are certainly on topic.

  2. Questions on other, related entrepreneurial topics are fine as well, although moderator Ben Martin may refocus the discussion if we stray too far. Absolutely no pitches or personal promotions, however, OK?

  3. Feel free to ask anything from broad, philosophical questions to specific, tactical ones, however ask them openly in the group. No private questions, please.

  4. Gina will monitor postings to The Loop and write responses during the two days as her schedule permits. (Nope, we couldn't get her to drop everything and wait by the keyboard.) All replies will be posted back to The Loop for continued discussion by members.

  5. Most important, keep in mind that events in The Loop are discussions, not just Q&As. Jump in with your own follow-ups, opinions, comments and advice in response to Gina's comments (or anyone else's). Just be courteous and act in accordance with The Loop guidelines.

  6. Remember! Do not interpret any feedback you receive from Gina or any other member of the The Loop as legal advice. Always seek counsel from an experienced attorney on all matters that may require a legal opinion.

Start prepping. This will be a great opportunity to get some high-power input for the future. 

If you're not already a member of The Loop, subscribe now.


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