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Mary Knebel

Mary Knebel is responsible for securing partnerships with leading universities, research institutions, corporations and government agencies to commercialize intellectual property, as well as for providing strategic business advisory services to portfolio companies. Prior to co-founding LaunchFuel, she was a senior engagement manager at Proxicom (now Dimension Data).  Her responsibilities at Proxicom included leading the technical and creative staff to ensure high quality deliverables for strategic accounts. From 1995 - 1998, she worked for PSINet, one of the first commercial Internet service providers. She acted in several capacities, including product management and business development, as well as leading the marketing efforts for the ISP wholesale division. Mary began her marketing career with the Washington Redskins, as a public relations assistant. She is the founder and Chairperson of Raise the Bar, a non-profit initiative that strives to deepen business relationships for women in technology. She is a board member of VT KnowledgeWorks and the George Mason University Century Club, and she is a 2001 graduate of the Mindshare program.  Mary attended Virginia Tech and George Mason University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

LaunchFuel, Inc.   703.736.0252

in the loop with mary knebel

what's next?:

making early progress (and connections)


On Tuesday and Wednesday, August 27-28, be part of a special guest appearance in The Loop with Mary Knebel, CEO of LaunchFuel..


>>The Topic: Making Early Progress 

OK, you've got what you think is a barn burner of a business idea. You've moved it forward by building the initial technology, researching the market potential, writing a meaningful business plan, or otherwise passing beyond the daydream stage. While it's more than talk, it's still less than a business, so now what? What are the early steps you need to take to make it a commercial reality, the key milestones you need to reach, and, perhaps most importantly, who do you need to connect with to help you get there? Explore these and other questions online in The Loop, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 27-28, with special guest Mary Knebel, CEO of LaunchFuel. LaunchFuel creates new technology ventures by partnering with leading research universities, corporations, and government agencies to identify and commercialize high potential intellectual property.  On September 4th, LaunchFuel is producing Tech Transfer 2002, an event that will include prominent regional technology transfer organizations such as Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Johns Hopkins University, MITRE Corporation, and NIH. But before that, Mary will be on hand in The Loop to answer your questions and lead a discussion on how to get your technology business launched.


>>How It Works: Continuing The Discussion

We'll start by introducing Mary with a preliminary Q&A posting on Tuesday morning, August 27. Following that, it's open season for your questions, comments and opinions. Here's just a few rules:

  1. Our focus is on the early steps in getting your business launched, including the important milestones, strategies, and connections for getting things done. That leaves a wide range for topics, so feel free to discuss anything from broad, philosophical questions to specific, tactical ones.

  2. Questions and comments on related entrepreneurial topics are fine as well, although moderator Ben Martin may refocus the discussion if we stray too far. Absolutely no pitches or personal promotions, however.

  3. Mary will monitor postings to The Loop and write responses during the two days as her schedule permits. All replies will be posted back to The Loop for continued discussion.

  4. Most important, keep in mind that events in The Loop are discussions, not just Q&As. Jump in with your own follow-ups, opinions, comments and advice in response to Mary's comments (or anyone else's). Just be courteous and act in accordance with The Loop guidelines.

  5. Remember! Do not interpret any feedback you receive from Mary or any other member of the The Loop as legal advice. Always seek counsel from an experienced attorney on all matters that may require a legal opinion.

Start prepping. This will be a great opportunity to get feedback from an expert in commercializing technology and getting companies launched successfully. If you're not already a member of The Loop, subscribe now.


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