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Living on the Fault Line
Managing for Shareholder Value 
in the Age of the Internet

October 26, 2000, 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC

Rave Reviews

October 26, 2000 5:30 - 9:30 pm

5:30 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. Networking
Light hors d'oeuvres provided
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Program
9:00 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. 
Coffee & Dessert






  • “Managers who have wondered whether today's seemingly irrational competitive and capital market behavior might become ‘normal’ again need to read Living on the Fault Line.  Moore shows convincingly that technology and capital market efficiency have fundamentally changed not just the reality that all managers face, but have changed the way they need to define, measure and manage success.  This is a great book.”

Clayton Christensen, author, The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Companies to Fail   

  • “When you live on the fault line, you have to reinvent yourself every single day.  In the past year we have been incorporating ideas from this book into the strategy training portions of our executive development program, and the feedback has been tremendous.”

Bob Herbold, Executive Vice President and COO, Microsoft

  • “Having lived on the fault line as a senior executive at IBM, BBN, GTE, and now Akamai, I must say that this book, unlike any other I have ever read, clearly lays out the blueprint for how old economy franchises can make a full transition to the new economy.  It is also a great guide for those of us leading new economy companies as we chart our paths forward.”

George Conrades, Chairman and CEO, Akamai

  • “Cisco is committed to creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our shareholders, customers, partners and employees.  Geoffrey Moore's new book, Living on the Fault Line, reveals his understanding of fast growth industries and offers insight to help us manage shareholder value in today's Internet Economy.”

John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems

  • Living on the Fault Line  cuts through the hype of the Internet economy.  It gets at where real benefits lie, which is in applying our premium resources directly on increasing our competitive advantage and taking waste out of the total value chain. Now Geoffrey Moore tells us how to navigate the river to real sustainable value creation.”

Erik Fyrwald, Vice President, e-commerce, 
Dupont Corporation,  CEO, CapSpan

  •  “As CEO at both Sybase and Commerce One, I can attest to the power of what Geoff Moore calls the fault line to disrupt existing markets and reset the rules of competition in a flash.  Geoff’s new book, like his prior ones, gives executives in the middle of the fray a frame of reference for setting new strategies and changing old ways.”

Mark Hoffman, President and CEO, Commerce One

  • “In our research for we discovered again and again companies that wanted to Internet-enable their systems when their real challenge was to Internet-enable their heads.  This book is a much-needed contribution to that effort.”

Patricia Seybold, Founder and CEO, Patricia Seybold Group, author of

  • “Geoff's book provides both vocabulary and guidance to help our company and its associates leverage the power of the new economy.”

Thomas G. Stemberg, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Staples Inc.

  • “New economies require new rules. If you don’t read this book, you’re not going to be the Billionaire next door. And it will be your fault, not Geoffrey’s or mine.”

Guy Kawasaki, CEO,

  • “At NEON managing for shareholder value is a way of life.  We have experienced the extremes of the fault line as we and the global capital markets work to find a consistent and enduring basis for shareholder  valuations.  In the process Geoff’s models have brought clarity and insight to both our internal and external communications.  Going forward we see them  as key to shaping our strategy for the new economy.”

Rick Adam, Chairman and CEO, 
New Era of
Networks (NEON)

  • “From the epicenter of technology, Silicon Valley, comes another 'must read' from Geoffrey Moore, the man who crystallized the challenges of marketing high tech in Crossing the Chasm.   Fault line will compel executives to examine the core value of their organizations under the harsh light of the New Economy and guide them with sound strategies for surviving the onslaught of the dot.coms.”

Tom Kendra, Vice President, Software, 
Asia Pacific IBM Corporation

  • “At Viant we help companies of all kinds build new economy digital businesses. Most traditional companies are greatly challenged in transforming their cultures to support the new Internet business model.  Geoff Moore's new book offers a practical blueprint for building a culture of innovation and execution so vital to establishing enduring success in the Internet Age.”

Bob Gett, President and CEO, Viant

  • “Geoffrey Moore once again demonstrates his ability to take a complex set of business dynamics and forge them into a clean, coherent model.  He outlines the effect that the transition from a traditional economy to the new "e-conomy" has on companies - their internal behavior, their interactions within and across industry lines, and their perception by Wall Street.  I found it an enormously helpful and engaging read.”

Aart J. de Geus, Chairman & CEO, Synopsys, Inc.

  • “Geoffrey Moore looks beyond today’s e-buzz to help executives understand the fundamental changes needed to morph from the old economy to the new. Time is more valuable than money, assets don’t matter, and market cap counts more than your P&L.  Geoffrey gives hope for bricks and mortar companies, but the changes required will make most CEOs' hearts beat a little faster.”

Bob Peebler, President and CEO,
Landmark Graphics Corporation

  • “This book is a must read for CEO’s and their executive team who are wondering what e-business is all about. According to Geoffrey Moore, you had better start shedding non-core activities quickly or your company will become a victim of the new economy. Geoffrey develops a model that provides the organizational flexibility and speed to navigate the choppy waters of the internet age.”

Dick Cheney, Chairman and CEO, 
Halliburton Company

  • “At HP, we set a 3-year business plan that was adjusted annually. At Bay Networks, we set an annual business plan that was adjusted quarterly. Now, at Alteon Websystems, we set a multi-quarter business plan that is adjusted almost every month! In Living on the Fault Line, Moore details a prescription for a company to mutate its corporate genetic makeup in order to effect all these changes with a single company confine... He hits the nail on the head, again.”

Dominic P. Orr, Chairman, CEO and President, Alteon Websystems, Inc.

  • “Using the Internet, someone is revolutionizing your industry.  It's either you, one of your traditional competitors, or a you've never heard of until it's too late.  Since the Internet fault line is going to be part of the landscape, you better find out how to survive on it.  And there is no better person to teach you about it.”

Paul R. Gudonis, CEO, Genuity Inc.

  • “In Living on the Fault Line , Geoff Moore de-mystifies the angst and opportunity felt by management teams of established enterprises, large and small, as they wrestle with how to survive and prosper in the conundrum, that is the new Internet economy. Moore’s battleplan for success in the Internet Age is realistic and doable, as well as entertaining to read. A “must read” for any executive striving for success in an Internet business, which is all executives !”

Jeff Miller, President & CEO, Documentum, Inc.

  • “Fault Line ” crystallizes, for the first time in a comprehensive and instructive manner, the forces driving the incredible market caps of companies in technology enabled markets.  While on the surface these valuations appear irrationally exuberant, this book shows why they may instead be the leading indicators of the winners and losers in the new economy.  Geoffrey Moore articulates in a clear, compelling, and often entertaining manner, the links between disruptive technology innovation, competitive advantage and market cap.  This book is a ‘must read’ for management teams in big companies and small companies alike.  For being blind to these issues could cause the two to switch places.”

Rod Randall, Vice President, 
Lucent Internetworking Systems


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