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Speaker Bio
John Burton

John Burton
Managing Director
Updata Capital

John Burton's IT experience spans 25 years as a Senior Executive of high-growth private and public companies. In 1984, he co-founded Business Software Technology, Inc. (BST) and served as Chief Operating Officer and Director. BST became the industry leader in software configuration management and grew at a compound annual growth rate of greater than 50%, achieving profitability in every financial quarter of operation. BST grew to sales of greater than $15
million, with net profit of over $2 million, before being acquired by Legent Corporation in 1989.

After the merger of Legent and BST, John became President, Chief Operating officer and then Chief Executive Officer of Legent. During his tenure, Legent grew in sales from $126 to over $500 million and was ranked as one of the ten largest software companies worldwide. Under his management, Legent executed over one dozen corporate acquisitions, nearing $1 billion in value.

Since 1995, John has advised, invested in, and assisted several technology firms in expansion and re-engineering efforts.  Mr. Burton currently serves on the boards of Banyan Systems, Inc., Axent Technologies, Inc., and SAGA Software, Inc.




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