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Born to Run: Bootstrapping Your Business On Your Own


"Light One Candle," by Michael Richards

"Franchising and Licensing: Two Ways to Build Your Business," by Andrew Sherman

"The Channel Advantage: Going to Market with Multiple Sales Channels," by Tim Furey


"Bootstrapping a New Business"

"The Essence of Bootstrapping," by Arnold Kling

Top 10 List of " . . . Principles for Bootstrap Entrepreneurs"
by Bootstrap Entrepreneur

"Bootstrap Finance: The Art of Start-ups" by Amar Bhide

"When you don't have the capital to get growing"
by Harvard Business Review Article of the Month
(November 1999)

"Good Reasons to Be a Bootstrap Entrepreneur"
by Bootstrap Entrepreneur

"Bootstrapping: Cutting corners and
pinching pennies to finance your business"

by Jenny C. McCune Bankrate.comSM

"Boot-Strapping Strategies"  by Jack Thorne

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