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Coffee & DoughNets
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Independent's Day:
Free Agency And The New Economy

June 20, 2001
Capital Hilton, Washington, DC 20036

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What: Move over Organization Man. According to Daniel Pink, contributing editor to Fast Company magazine, the new century’s business icon is the free agent -- a tech savvy, self-reliant, fulfillment-seeking independent worker. Pink’s new book, Free Agent Nation, explains how America’s new workers are transforming the way we live. It’s the free agent mindset that has led many to take the entrepreneurial leap, and free agents are the kind of people cutting-edge netpreneurs are most likely to meet, partner with and employ. At this month’s C&D, find out why free agency is reconfiguring the basic assumptions of American work and life, and learn how entrepreneurial businesses can adapt to and capitalize on the move to free agency.

To learn more about the book:

“Land of the Free,” from the May 2001 Fast Company

Read the prologue to Free Agent Nation

Read Chapter 7 - "Small Groups Big Impact: Reinventing Togetherness In 
Free Agent Nation

Email us your questions in advance.


Who: Daniel Pink
Contributing Editor to Fast Company and Author of Free Agent Nation


When: June 20, 2001
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm Networking
Coffee & Evening Munchies Provided
7:00 pm Program


Where: Capital Hilton
16th & K Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 393-1000 main

Parking - valet on site, pay garage on L street

Metro - 2 blocks from Farragut North (red line) or McPherson Square (blue/orange lines)

Map showing the event location


Why: The Netpreneur Program is here to make a difference and the best way to do so is to talk with you and hear about your successes, problems and issues affecting your business. These informal networking and information sessions give netpreneurs the chance to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge. And, they give us the chance to meet you!

Think of each session as an informal opportunity to stop in, meet us, meet other netpreneurs, and gain ideas for your net-centric business. Registration is typically limited to approximately 250 with first available seating given to netpreneurs and aspiring netpreneurs. The description of your company is, in essence, your ticket to attend as space is available. If you are a netpreneur, please make sure your company description covers the netcentric nature of your business or your business idea.


Cost: Made possible at no charge to the netpreneur community by the Morino Institute Netpreneur Program.

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Interpreting Provided

Coffee & DoughNets

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