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The Board Game:
Selecting the Best Advisors and Directors
Guides: Building a Great Board by Bruce Kohl

Selecting a board of directors for the emerging company
by Glenn C. Faulkner, Vice President, The Nasdaq Stock Market

Creating a board of advisors
by Sheli Z. Rosenberg, President and CEO, Equity Group Investments, Inc.

“A newsletter for members of boards of directors and executive officers”

Corporate Board Member magazine
“The magazine written and edited for directors of public companies”

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)
“The premier educational, publishing and consulting organization in board leadership and the only membership association for boards, directors, director-candidates and board advisors. NACD members serve on or work with boards of corporations ranging from large New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ companies in the Fortune 500 to smaller over-the-counter (OTC), private, and closely held firms.”

The Conference Board
“Publications, research, conferences and seminars on the topic of global corporate governance from The Conference Board.” A Look Inside the Internet Company Boardroom
How do the boards of Web-centric companies differ from those of S&P boards?  This study brings their varying shades of governance to light.”

Internet Board Index
“Are Dotcom boards really a breed apart?  This survey watches the emerging and evolving governance trends of this neophyte group.”

28th Annual Board of Directors Study 2000
“Possibly the longest running and the most complete governance study in existence, it indicates the present trends and challenges in corporate governance.”

SSBI Report: 1999 Director Compensation Trends: The 1999 Spencer Stuart Board Index survey on board composition trends
“Spencer Stuart surveys board trends and practices at 100 leading U.S. company boards each year for an annual report called the Spencer Stuart Board Index (SSBI). The firm also compares its results from this leading company sample with the board structure, process, and compensation practices of the S&P 500 universe of companies.”

Board Practices/Board Pay 2001: The Structure and Compensation of Boards of Directors at S&P Super 1,500 Companies
ISBN 1-879775-92-1
INVESTOR RESPONSIBILITY RESEARCH CENTER (IRRC) has reviewed and analyzed the latest structure and pay practices of nearly 1,200 U.S. boards—all companies in Standard & Poor’s 500, MidCap and SmallCap indices.

The Trouble with Dot-Com Boards

Chief Executive Magazine’s The 5 Best and 5 Worst Boards of 1999
By Robert W. LEAR and Boris Yavitz

“BoardSeat is an independent company focusing exclusively on matching organizations with board directors and advisors.”  

Foster Pepper & Shefelman PLLC Corporate Governance Checklist

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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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