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Leadership and Corporate Culture

General Colin Powell: A Leadership Primer

No Turning Back: The dotcoms may be dying off, but their corporate culture is here to stay

Gauging Corporate Culture

The right chemistry for high-tech

In Depth: Best places to work

Money maketh the Internet firm: how funding impacts culture

How do I determine what my company´s corporate culture is?

Steps for Becoming a Sustainable Entrepreneur

Corporate Culture in Internet Time

Consulting Culture: Two Companies Uncovered

"Containing a Counter Culture," by the co-founders
of The Container Store, a thoroughly modern retailer that for
the past 23 years has been selling shelves, closet fixtures
and other storage devices. The salespeople working the
counters are the heart of its culture - and treated
accordingly, write co-founders Garrett Boone and Kip Tindell.

Barry Tatelman, who with his brother
Eliot took a local furniture store founded by their
grandfather and turned it into a $250 million chain that was
recently sold to investor Warren E. Buffett, uses personality
to form a culture. His own and Eliot's, that is. In "You
Can't Take That Away From Us," he writes about the
commercials they star in, the day trips to Bermuda they host
for employees - and more.

In "A Virtual Culture," Gabriel P. Goncalves, founder of
software developer PeopleAnswers Inc., writes about a way
of doing business that is becoming a reality for a growing
number of startups: working remotely. Discover how email,
voice mail and instant messaging intersect with psychology
to make such an organization work.

In "Anytime, Anywhere Education," John Sperling,
who a quarter of a century ago founded the University of
Phoenix - which is anything but conventional; it makes a
profit, uses professionals to teach and shuns tenure -
advises that entrepreneurs similarly do it their way.

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