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this month:
a different spin on startups

June 26, 2002
Hilton McLean, McLean Virginia


Coffee & DoughNets
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How do you get great ideas out of corporations, government, and other large organizations and into your startup? It’s a question being asked more and more as economic conditions have led many would-be entrepreneurs back to the safety and (relative) security of a corporate paycheck. Luckily, working in an established company doesn't have to mean the end of your startup dreams. At this month’s Coffee & DoughNets we’ll discuss how entrepreneurs can partner with corporations to spin out new ideas, and how intrapreneurs can convince their employers to let them take the entrepreneurial leap. Our panel will provide guidance, personal experience, and practical advice on the process, negotiation, strategy, structuring a deal, and much more. What motivates a large corporation to relinquish technology? What control and oversight do they want to maintain? What about intellectual property rights? What excites (or frightens) VCs about these ventures? And, maybe most important, how do you operate with enough freedom to get the product to market? Take a spin out to Coffee & DoughNets this month for answers to these questions and more.


Wednesday, June 26, 2002
Networking: 7:00 am - 8:00 am
Coffee & Doughnuts provided)
Presentation : 8:00 am, followed by Q&A



Hilton McLean
7920 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102


The Netpreneur Program is here to make a difference and the best way for us to do that is to talk with you and hear about your successes, problems and the issues affecting your business. These informal networking and information sessions give netpreneurs the chance to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge. And, they give us the chance to meet you!


Think of each session as an informal opportunity to stop in, meet us, meet other netpreneurs, and gain ideas for your net-centric business. Registration is typically limited to approximately 250 with first available seating given to netpreneurs and aspiring netpreneurs. The description of your company is, in essence, your ticket to attend as space is available. If you are a netpreneur, please make sure your company description covers the netcentric nature of your business or your business idea.


Made possible at no charge to the netpreneur community by the Morino Institute Netpreneur Program.



Dave Sylvester
Hale & Dorr

The Legal View


Tom Gilbert

Blue Ridge Networks

The (Current) Entrepreneur

Jesko VonWindheim,
VP and GM, MEMS Business Unit


The (Cashed-Out) Entrepreneur

Ransom Parker

Managing Partner

The VC

Hal Kennedy
VP for Technology Commercialization
Lockheed Martin

The Corporate Voice



Coffee & DoughNets

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Sign language interpreting provided on request.

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