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It's The Final C&D, And A Great Time To Start A Business 

December 11, 2002
Hyatt Regency

Reston, VA

Coffee & DoughNets
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After more than five years and thousands of doughnuts, Netpreneur's very last Coffee & DoughNets is coming Wednesday, December 11. It's the end of an era, but just the start of a new chapter of the story of entrepreneurship in our region. As Mario Morino declared just two C&Ds ago, "It is a great time to start a business," we'll pick up that theme next week with Mario and a panel of entrepreneurs-in-action discussing how they're keeping their dreams alive and growing. Why is it a good time for entrepreneurs? As Mario said, "You're back to being real entrepreneurs, and all the foolishness of the last six years is gone." On top of that, markets seem to be stabilizing, businesses are buying again, rents are cheaper, salaries are lower. We'll take this time to look at both the past and future of entrepreneurship in our region and learn why times matter less for entrepreneurs than vision, energy, and execution.


Esther Smith, Partner, Qorvis Communications



Rick Steele, CEO, NuRide
George Pappas, President & CEO, Plesk

Amir Hudda, CEO, Brickstream



Wednesday, December 11,  2002

7:00 AM  to 9:30 AM

(Refreshments provided)


Hyatt Regency
1800 Presidents Street

Reston, VA  20190



The Netpreneur Program is here to make a difference and the best way for us to do that is to talk with you and hear about your successes, problems and the issues affecting your business. These informal networking and information sessions give netpreneurs the chance to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge. And, they give us the chance to meet you!


Think of each session as an informal opportunity to stop in, meet us, meet other netpreneurs, and gain ideas for your net-centric business. Registration is typically limited to approximately 250 with first available seating given to netpreneurs and aspiring netpreneurs. The description of your company is, in essence, your ticket to attend as space is available. If you are a netpreneur, please make sure your company description covers the netcentric nature of your business or your business idea.



Made possible at no charge to the netpreneur community by the Morino Institute Netpreneur Program.


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Coffee & DoughNets

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Sign language interpreting provided on request.

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