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Friday, May 30, 2003 in Rockville, MD
Pulling the Trigger:
The When's And How's Of Big Decisions

Coffee & DoughNets
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This event hosted by the Tech Council of Maryland


No entrepreneur ever got far without making tough decisions. A lot of them. Most of the time, knowing when to pull the trigger on a major decision is just as important as making the right call. And while all decisions are unique, from launch to full-fledged, growing business, the big themes often repeat themselves. How do you know:

  1. when to seek outside capital, in any form, and how do you determine how much? 

  2. when to grow the team and how do you time it with growth in customers? 

  3. when to actively promote your company, and how do you tell if you're ready for prime time? 

  4. when to engage service providers -- such as lawyers, accountants, and advisors -- and how do you decide between using them and going it alone? 

Whatever your stage of growth, all entrepreneurs will face these issues. What's the secret to knowing when to pull the trigger, and how can you prepare yourself do it with confidence (at least as much confidence as possible)? Our panel of experts and veterans will explore the factors of qualification, balance, and timing that go into these decisions, offering real life insights and rules of thumb to help you through your next big call, and the one after that. Strap the big iron on your hip and come on down to the Netpreneur Corral for "Pulling the Trigger." Shucks, this town's plenty big enough for the both of us.

Ching-Ho Fung, Chairman, Parature
Deepak Hathiramani, CEO, Vistronix

Phil Carrai,  Morino Group
Michael Chasen, CEO, Blackboard


Mark Frantz, Carlyle Group



Friday, May 30, 2003
7:00-8:00 AM, networking and refreshments
8:00-9:30 AM, program and Q&A

Shady Grove Conference Center

9630 Gudelsky Drive

Rockville, MD 20850



These informal networking and information sessions give entrepreneurs the chance to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge. Each session is an opportunity to meet other netpreneurs and gain ideas for your business. Registration is typically limited to approximately 250 with preference given to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. 


Made possible at no charge to the entrepreneur community through the support of our program partners and sponsors.


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Coffee & DoughNets

Despite the sunset of Netpreneur, Coffee & DoughNets continues in 2003 thanks in part to the efforts of four organizations dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in the Greater Washington region -- the Tech Council of Maryland, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the Washington DC Technology Council, and Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology. Rotating between venues in Suburban Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC, Coffee & DoughNets will remain the preeminent networking and educational event for the area's startup entrepreneurs.

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