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Coffee & DoughNets

Science? Art? Sorcery?
Perspectives on net valuations

December 15, 1999, 7:00 am, McLean Hilton

Due to the overwhelming interest and limited space at this event,
we are unfortunately unable to accept walk-in registrations.

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Sorry! Registration
is now full!

What: Here's a topic that evokes more emotions and questions from netpreneurs than most--company valuation. Come hear from four people who are right in the middle of the valuation discussion and learn from their very different perpsectives: an investment banker and well-known author, a VC, a netpreneur, and a specialist in economic analysis, finance and valuation services. Then, ask your own questions and interact with the panel.
Who: Remarks and Moderator:
Jeff Hooke, Investment Banker,
Hooke Associates and author of "M&A: A Practical Guide to Doing the Deal" and "Security Analysis on Wall Street."

Scott Frederick, Venture Capitalist,
FBR Technology Venture Partners:

Angie Kim, President,

Jeffrey P. Anderson
Bond & Pecaro:

Email your questions in advance

When: December 15, 1999
7:00 am  Networking
Coffee & Doughnuts
8:00 am  Program starts
Where: McLean Hilton
Ballrom A-Event
7920 Jones Branch Road
McLean, VA 22102
Ph: 703.847.5000

By car: garage on site

Map showing the event location
Interactive directions to the event

Why: The Netpreneur Program is here to make a difference and the best way to do so is to talk with you and hear about your successes, problems and issues affecting your business. These informal networking and information sessions give netpreneurs the chance to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge. And, they give us the chance to meet you!

Think of each session as an informal opportunity to stop in, meet us, meet other netpreneurs, and gain ideas for your net-centric business. Registration is typically limited to approximately 250 with first available seating given to netpreneurs and aspiring netpreneurs. The description of your company is, in essence, your ticket to attend as space is available. If you are a netpreneur, please make sure your company description covers the netcentric nature of your business or your business idea.

Cost: Made possible at no charge to the netpreneur community by the Morino Institute Netpreneur Program.

Coffee & DoughNets

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